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Computer Science Curriculum

Comprehensive computer science curriculum for grades K-12 including hands-on elementary lessons and over 100 free customizable courses in various programming languages for middle school and high school.

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Teach Industry-Relevant Programming Languages

With a focus on helping students develop problem-solving and computational thinking skills, students gain knowledge of professional programming languages and the conceptual understanding needed to learn new languages.

Everything Needed To Teach

CodeHS K-12 courses are free, accessible, and engaging for students of all levels.

Videos & Slides

Short, digestible video tutorials covering programming topics and concepts in the upcoming lesson


Engaging exercises that allow students to design and build programs based on new concepts


Formative assessments including multiple choice questions about the tutorial video topics and concepts


Longer, open-ended labs and projects to advance students' programming skills


Program examples to give students the opportunity to explore how the code works in the fully loaded IDE


Comprehensive unit exams and summative assessments to gauge students full understanding


Student badges awarded after mastering key concepts -- teachers can also create custom badges

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans for every lesson -- easily print or modify to fit any classroom needs

A Full Computer Science Pathway for Grades K-12

Our recommended K-12 curriculum pathway provides a robust, well-rounded pathway that teaches students 5 programming languages from middle to high school. The pathway starts with courses for beginners with no experience and build to college-level courses.

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Elementary Curriculum

CodeHS provides customizable, vertically-aligned elementary lessons to unify a K-12 computer science pathway at any district.

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