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Artificial Intelligence for K-12

Ignite Curiosity with
AI in Your Classroom

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Why Learn and Teach AI?

Incorporating AI education into K-12 classrooms is essential for preparing students for a successful future in our technology-driven world. By introducing AI in computer science classrooms, students learn what may seem like magic is actually just programs and algorithms!

Even beyond the CS classroom, AI literacy helps enhance students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills, prompts ethical conversations, and sparks new creativity. Dive into the AI curriculum, tools, and resources available on CodeHS!

AI Curriculum for K-12

AI Courses

Free courses designed to introduce middle and high school students to Artificial Intelligence — what it is, how it works, and ways to ethically use it.

Explore the CodeHS Course Catalog to discover all available AI courses.

Explore AI Courses

Project Catalog

Seamlessly plug these free projects into your curriculum to develop AI literacy in your classroom. These projects take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete. Jump into these projects today!

The Elementary AI Experience

CodeHS Elementary includes AI projects that introduce elementary students to the basics of AI.

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AI Elementary

PD for Educators

AI Training for Educators

Equipping educators with the skills to effectively leverage AI in K-12 education.

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AI Literacy PD Workshops & Courses

Virtual and onsite workshops tailored to enhance educators' understanding of AI and to give them tangible ways to utilize available technologies in their classrooms. Available in various formats including 90 minute, half-day, or full day. Workshop agendas are fully customizable based on school and district needs.

AI PD training
AI Basics & Terminology
Using Chatbots
AI for Differentiation
Reduce Administrative Tasks with AI
AI for Brainstorming
Content Creation with AI
AI & Academic Integrity
AI Ethics & Accessibility



Available in various formats including on-site, virtual, 90 minute, half-day, or full day.

Cohort Based PD

Online cohort with a combination of live workshops and an asynchronous course. Cohorts work through course modules that address AI Literacy needs in their school or district.

PD Membership with AI Mini Courses

Enroll in the CodeHS PD Membership to access asynchronous mini courses, webinars, and more.

AI Classroom Tools

Streamline Grading & Feedback with AI Tools

CodeHS Pro offers AI tools to help you grade and provide personalized feedback faster. AI tools give teachers more time to concentrate on instruction, differentiate learning, and track student progress.

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