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A High School Pathway to Prepare Students for a Computer Science Journey

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Industry-Relevant Programming Languages

Courses focus on problem-solving and computational thinking skills to help students gain the knowledge needed to learn professional programming languages.

Comprehensive Computer Science Pathway

CodeHS high school curriculum provides a customizable, vertically-aligned pathway to unify a K-12 computer science program at any district.

College Board Endorsed

CodeHS is an endorsed provider recognized by the College board for AP CSA and AP CSP in Python, Javascript, and Cybersecurity.

Creating a curriculum that works for a self-paced classroom is difficult, let alone finding the tools to execute it well. CodeHS does this with ease and excels with lesson videos, checks for understanding, examples, auto-graded exercises, and formative/summative assessments. I fell in love with CodeHS once I found it.

Angelica Calabro

West Hempstead High School in West Hempstead, NY

High School Computer Science Pathway

CodeHS offers robust computer science courses and CTE pathways aligned to state and national standards such as CSTA, ISTE, College Board Advanced Placement, and more.

This pathway is designed to prepare students for both AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A.

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CodeHS is the best curriculum out there for students and teachers. We have a huge growing field and a gap in teachers who know the content. Many CS teachers are learning the content with the students! CodeHS makes learning for teachers and students easy and fun!

Enza Ketcham

Harmon High School in Kansas City, KS

CodeHS High School Courses Include Everything Needed to Teach

Videos & Slides

Short, digestible video tutorials covering programming topics and concepts in the upcoming lesson.


Student badges awarded after mastering key concepts -- teachers can also create custom badges.


Longer, open-ended labs and projects to advance students' programming skills.


Formative assessments including multiple choice questions about the tutorial video topics and concepts.


Comprehensive unit exams and summative assessments to gauge students full understanding.


Program examples to give students the opportunity to explore how the code works in the fully loaded IDE.


Engaging exercises that allow students to design and build programs based on new concepts.

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans for every lesson -- easily print or modify to fit any classroom needs.

Building a Full 6-12 Computer Science Pathway
Washington County School District, located in Utah, built and rolled out a full 6-12th grade CS pathway in just one year with the support from passionate teachers and district administrators.