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Utah Computer Programming 2

Utah Computer Programming 2 introduces students to more advanced programming concepts. Students will learn to create more powerful programs using functions, strings, data structures, file i/o operations, and objects.

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Functions and Exceptions
Students learn how their programs can be decomposed into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem.
Students learn more sophisticated strategies for manipulating text in their programs.
Project: The Game of Pig
Students program a classic two-player game played with a 6 sided die.
Creating and Altering Data Structures
Students learn how tuples and lists are formed and the various methods that can alter them.
Extending Data Structures
Students learn to build more complex programs that make use of grids and dictionaries.
Project: Guess the Word
Students write a program for a word guessing game.
File I/O
Students learn to read, write, and process information from text files.
Classes and Objects
Students learn the principles of object-oriented design.
Exploring CS Careers
Students learn potential career paths in the field of computer science.

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Demo Programs

Explore programs that your students will build throughout this course!

Professional Development

Teaching Intro to Computer Science in Python 3

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