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1. Introduction to Mobile Apps
1.1 Introduction to React Native and Expo
Video 1.1.1 Introduction to React Native and Expo
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Quiz: Introduction to React Native and Expo
Free Response 1.1.3 Why Mobile Apps?
Notes 1.1.4 What is React Native?
Notes 1.1.5 React Native App Overview
Notes 1.1.6 Running Apps on CodeHS
Notes 1.1.7 Running Apps on Expo
Example 1.1.8 React Native App Example
Free Response 1.1.9 React Native App Example Reflection
2. Components and the Stylesheet
2.1 Introduction to Components
Video 2.1.1 Introduction to Components
Check for Understanding 2.1.2 Quiz: Introduction to Components
Example 2.1.3 The Parent View Component
Example 2.1.4 Nesting Multiple Text Components
Exercise 2.1.5 Customizing Text
Exercise 2.1.6 Adding Components
Debugging 2.1.7 Debugging Components
2.2 Introduction to the Stylesheet API
Video 2.2.1 Introduction to the Stylesheet API
Check for Understanding 2.2.2 Quiz: Introduction to the Stylesheet API
Example 2.2.3 Naming a Stylesheet ID
Example 2.2.4 Multiple Stylesheet ID's
Exercise 2.2.5 Connecting Components to the Stylesheet
Debugging 2.2.6 Debug the Stylesheet
2.3 Styling View Components
Video 2.3.1 Styling View Components
Check for Understanding 2.3.2 Quiz: Styling View Components
Example 2.3.3 Height and Width
Example 2.3.4 Justifying Content
Example 2.3.5 Aligning Items
Exercise 2.3.6 Rainbow Background
Example 2.3.7 Flex Direction
Example 2.3.8 Checkerboard
Exercise 2.3.9 Nested Views
Exercise 2.3.10 Andy Warhol Image
2.4 Styling Text Components
Video 2.4.1 Styling Text Components
Check for Understanding 2.4.2 Quiz: Styling Text Components
Example 2.4.3 Text Component Attributes
Example 2.4.4 Text Component Dimensions
Exercise 2.4.5 My Favorites List
Exercise 2.4.6 News Article Styling
Exercise 2.4.7 Google Logo
Exercise 2.4.8 SnapChat Login Page Pt 1: Layout
Exercise 2.4.9 Venmo Balance Transfer Page Pt 1: Layout
Badge 2.4.10 Stylish Mobile App Badge
Survey 2.4.11 Mindset Survey 1
2.5 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 1
Example 2.5.1 Scorekeeper Pt 1: Example
Challenge 2.5.2 Scorekeeper Pt 1: Screen Layout
2.6 Components and the Stylesheet Quiz
Unit Quiz 2.6.1 Components and the Stylesheet Quiz
3. Buttons and Text Boxes
3.1 TouchableHighlight and the onPress Function
Video 3.1.1 TouchableHighlight and the onPress Function
Check for Understanding 3.1.2 Quiz: TouchableHighlight and the onPress Function
Example 3.1.3 TouchableHighlight with Text Only
Example 3.1.4 TouchableHighlight Components as Buttons
Exercise 3.1.5 Adding TouchableHighlight to the News Article
Exercise 3.1.6 Build a Homescreen
Exercise 3.1.7 SnapChat Login Page Pt 2: Buttons
3.2 TextInput
Video 3.2.1 TextInput
Check for Understanding 3.2.2 TextInput
Example 3.2.3 Adding TextInput
Example 3.2.4 iMessage
Exercise 3.2.5 Google Search Page
Exercise 3.2.6 Feedback Form
Exercise 3.2.7 Venmo Balance Transfer Pt 2: Buttons & Input
3.3 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 2
Challenge 3.3.1 Scorekeeper Pt 2: Buttons and TextInput
3.4 Buttons & Text Boxes Quiz
Unit Quiz 3.4.1 Buttons and Text Boxes Quiz
4. Advanced Layouts and Images
4.1 The Image Component
Video 4.1.1 The Image Component
Check for Understanding 4.1.2 Quiz: The Image Component
Example 4.1.3 Sizing Images Correctly
Example 4.1.4 Images with Text
Exercise 4.1.5 Snapchat Login Page Pt 3: Images
Exercise 4.1.6 Music Player Interface
Exercise 4.1.7 Google Search Page using Images
4.2 Setting a Background Image
Video 4.2.1 Setting a Background Image
Check for Understanding 4.2.2 Quiz: Setting a Background Image
Example 4.2.3 Setting a Background Image
Exercise 4.2.4 Phone Background
Exercise 4.2.5 Mobile Resume
4.3 Using Images as Buttons
Video 4.3.1 Using Images as Buttons
Check for Understanding 4.3.2 Quiz: Using Images as Buttons
Example 4.3.3 Using Images as Buttons
Exercise 4.3.4 Interactive Quotes
Exercise 4.3.5 Music Player with TouchableHighlight
Badge 4.3.6 Mobile Image Badge
4.4 Flex Layouts
Video 4.4.1 Flex Layouts
Check for Understanding 4.4.2 Quiz: Flex Layouts
Example 4.4.3 Using Flex Ratios
Example 4.4.4 Even Quadrants
Example 4.4.5 Uneven Quadrants
Exercise 4.4.6 Rainbow Background with Flex
Exercise 4.4.7 Simple Flag with Flex
Exercise 4.4.8 Advanced Flag with Flex
Exercise 4.4.9 SnapChat Login Page Pt 4: Flex
4.5 Using 'Dimensions' to Control Size
Video 4.5.1 Using 'Dimensions' to Control Size
Check for Understanding 4.5.2 Quiz: Using 'Dimensions' to Control Size
Example 4.5.3 Even Quadrants with 'Dimensions'
Example 4.5.4 Uneven Quadrants with 'Dimensions'
Example 4.5.5 Using 'Dimensions' to Control Font and Image Size
Exercise 4.5.6 Rainbow Background using 'Dimensions'
Exercise 4.5.7 Simple Flag using 'Dimensions'
Exercise 4.5.8 Advanced Flag using 'Dimensions'
Exercise 4.5.9 SnapChat Login Page Pt 5: 'Dimensions'
4.6 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 3
Challenge 4.6.1 Scorekeeper Pt 3: Images and Responsive Design
Survey 4.6.2 Mindset Survey 3
4.7 Advanced Layouts and Images Quiz
Unit Quiz 4.7.1 Advanced Layouts and Images Quiz
5. App Build: Recreate a Popular App
5.1 Recreate a Popular App
Free Response 5.1.1 Choose an App
Free Response 5.1.2 Plan Layout and Functionality
Video 5.1.3 How to Upload an Image on CodeHS
Exercise 5.1.4 Code Layout
Challenge 5.1.5 Add Functionality
Free Response 5.1.6 Reflection
6. Events and State
6.1 Using State to Control Values
Video 6.1.1 Using State to Control Values
Check for Understanding 6.1.2 Using State to Control Values
Example 6.1.3 Initial State
Exercise 6.1.4 Setting the Location with State
Exercise 6.1.5 Multiple State Values
6.2 Updating State with onPress
Video 6.2.1 Updating State with onPress
Check for Understanding 6.2.2 Updating State with onPress
Example 6.2.3 Updating State with onPress
Example 6.2.4 State Updates Based on Button Press
Exercise 6.2.5 Name to Nickname
Exercise 6.2.6 SnapChat Login Page Pt 6: Using State
6.3 Using Mathematical Equations to Update State
Video 6.3.1 Using Mathematical Equations to Update State
Check for Understanding 6.3.2 Using Mathematical Equations to Update State
Example 6.3.3 Updating the Count
Exercise 6.3.4 Full Counter App
Challenge 6.3.5 Easy Calculator
6.4 Using Methods to Update String States
Video 6.4.1 Using Methods to Update String States
Check for Understanding 6.4.2 Using Methods to Update String States
Example 6.4.3 Upper and Lower
Exercise 6.4.4 Updating the Mood of a String with State
Exercise 6.4.5 Spellchecker
6.5 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 4
Challenge 6.5.1 Scorekeeper Pt 4: Functionality with States
Survey 6.5.2 Mindset Survey 2
6.6 Events and State Quiz
Unit Quiz 6.6.1 Events and State Quiz
7. Creating Multiple Screens
7.1 Creating a Navbar
Video 7.1.1 Creating a Navbar
Check for Understanding 7.1.2 Creating a Navbar
Example 7.1.3 Bottom Navbar
Exercise 7.1.4 Top Navbar
Exercise 7.1.5 Icon Navbar in Landscape
Exercise 7.1.6 iPhone Call Navbar
7.2 Using Buttons to Navigate Screens
Video 7.2.1 Using Buttons to Navigate Screens
Check for Understanding 7.2.2 Using Buttons to Navigate Screens
Example 7.2.3 Two Screen App
Exercise 7.2.4 Name & Image App
Exercise 7.2.5 Mobile Biography of a Role Model
Exercise 7.2.6 RSVP Tracker
7.3 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 5
Challenge 7.3.1 Scorekeeper Pt 5: Multiple Screens
7.4 Creating Multiple Screens Quiz
Unit Quiz 7.4.1 Creating Multiple Screens Quiz
8. Working with Conditionals
8.1 Conditionals and State Change
Video 8.1.1 Conditionals and State Change
Check for Understanding 8.1.2 Quiz: Conditionals and State Change
Example 8.1.3 Marathon Counter App
Exercise 8.1.4 Savings Tracker
Exercise 8.1.5 Venmo Balance Transfer Pt 3: Check Balance
8.2 Conditionals using Parameters
Video 8.2.1 Conditionals using Parameters
Check for Understanding 8.2.2 Conditionals using Parameters
Example 8.2.3 Parameters and Conditional Background Images
Example 8.2.4 Traffic Light Conditionals
Exercise 8.2.5 Conditional Winner!
Challenge 8.2.6 Trivia App
8.3 Challenge: Scorekeeper Pt 6
Challenge 8.3.1 Scorekeeper Pt 6: Add Standings Page
8.4 Working with Conditionals Quiz
Unit Quiz 8.4.1 Working with Conditionals Quiz
9. App Build: Currency Converter
9.1 Currency Converter
Free Response 9.1.1 Plan Layout and Functionality
Exercise 9.1.2 Code the Layout
Challenge 9.1.3 Add Functionality
Free Response 9.1.4 Reflection