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Debugging in Karel the Dog

Finding and fixing errors in programs is a fundamental skill for new and experienced programmers to develop. This CodeHS course introduces debugging: the art and science of fixing broken programs. You'll learn techniques for finding common code errors and effective debugging strategies for Karel (JavaScript) exercises to share with students.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Welcome to Debugging in Karel the Dog!
In this brief module, we give an overview of what the Debugging in Karel the Dog course is all about.
Introduction to Debugging
Learn about the history and key ideas of debugging in this lesson.
Basic Debugging in Karel
This module introduces fundamental concepts and techniques for debugging.
Stepping Through Code
This module introduces you to the step debugger that you can use for debugging Karel computer programs.
Using Error Messages
In this module we learn about common Karel programming errors and how to avoid them.
This module looks at how to use breakpoints when debugging Karel programs.
This module looks at how to debug Karel programs with diagrams.
This module looks at how to debug Karel programs with pseudocode.
Asking the Right Questions
This module wraps up the course by focusing on how to be a good facilitator in a computer science course by asking the right questions.
Course Wrap-up
Congratulations of completing the Debugging in Karel the Dog PD course! In this module, you can complete the course survey, earn your course badge, and receive a certificate of completion for 5 professional development hours.