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West Virginia Discovering Computer Science

The West Virginia Discovering Computer Science course is a beginner-level middle school computer science course that is fully aligned to the WV state course of the same name. Students explore the basics of programming, computing ideas, online safety, and how information is represented digitally and sent over the Internet.

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Middle School
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Course Overview

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Exploring Code with Karel
Students learn the basics of programming by giving Karel the Dog commands in a grid world.
Exploring Computing
Students explore different technologies and the impact they have on our world.
Exploring Simulations
Students explore the role of simulations in scientific student and get to build their own model of a solar system.
Exploring the Internet
Students learn about network protocols and the different strategies used to protect online information. Students learn about cryptography and the CIA Triad and how information at risk can be encrypted for protection against cybersecurity attacks.
Exploring Art with Code
Students explore the intersection of art and technology by creating sketching using p5.js.
Exploring Digital Citizenship
Students learn about Internet etiquette and how to stay safe on the world wide web. Students explore the potential effects of our digital footprints, how to protect information from online risks, and the implications of cyberbullying.
Exploring Digital Information
Students learn about the various ways we represent information digitally including number systems, encoding data, and creating pixel images.

Offline Handouts

Demo Programs

Explore programs that your students will build throughout this course!

Course Resources

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