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Homage to Jackson Pollock

This is an example of digital art inspired by Jackson Pollock! Because the location of the paint splatters are randomly selected each time the code runs, you will see a slightly different product every time you run the code. Explore how changing the blocks affects how the piece renders.


This program gives users all the options they need to create a cityscape scene. The canvas initially starts as dark blue to simulate the night sky. The brush starts as a black rectangle so the user can create buildings. The up and down arrows can be used to change the size of the brush. Once buildings are in place, the left arrow will change the brush to a white circle to place stars in the sky. The right arrow will change the brush to a yellow square to place windows on the buildings. Hitting the shift key will change the brush to a gray circle to place a full moon in the sky. See the example below! ![cityscape example](

Square Spiral