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Hawaii EXS0110 Intro to Computer Science B


Unit Description
Web Design: Students learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and the processes involved in viewing web pages on the internet.
Project: Designing for Impact: Students learn what makes an engaging and accessible user interface and employ an iterative design process that includes rapid prototyping and user testing to design and develop their website.
Digital Information: Students learn about the various ways we represent, transform, and use information digitally.
The Internet: Students explore the structure and design of the internet, and how this design affects the reliability of network communication, the security of data, and personal privacy.
Project: The Effects of the Internet: Students choose an innovation that was enabled by the Internet and explore the effects of this innovation.

Unit Description
Introduction to Programming with Karel the Dog: Students explore the fundamentals of programming by giving commands to Karel the dog. Students learn about JavaScript syntax, functions, control structures, and proper programming formatting.
Extra Karel Puzzles: A set of all the trickiest Karel puzzles for you to solve
Tech Apps and Coding Final:
New Material (2020-2021):