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Chapter 7


7.1 ArrayLists Introducing ArrayLists Initializing ArrayLists without Types ArrayList vs Array Initializing an ArrayList Array vs. ArrayList Initialization Check Your Understanding Exercise: Initializing an ArrayList
7.2 ArrayList Methods Adding Elements to an ArrayList Getting Elements in an ArrayList Setting Elements in an ArrayList Removing Elements from an ArrayList Comparing Array and ArrayList Functionality ArrayLists Differ In Their Ability to Remove or Add Values ArrayList and Java Primitives ArrayList Methods Array vs. ArrayList Methods Check Your Understanding Exercise: ArrayList of Odd Numbers
7.3 Traversing ArrayLists Basic ArrayList Traversals Removing Elements During Traversal Common Traversal Errors Reading List While Loop ArrayList Traversal ArrayList Traversing Error Check Your Understanding Exercise: Traversing Odds
7.4 Developing Algorithms using ArrayLists Standard ArrayList Algorithms Mathematical Traversal Algorithms Property Analysis Algorithms Reordering Arrays Simultaneous Looping Traversing ArrayLists Simultaneously Inserting Elements While Traversing ArrayLists Check Your Understanding Exercise: ArrayList equals
7.5 Searching Linear Search Implementing Linear Search Linear Search Check Your Understanding Exercise: Linear Search on ArrayList with While Loop
7.6 Sorting Selection Sort Insertion Sort Selection Sort Insertion Sort Visualizing Algorithms Check Your Understanding Exercise: Explore Insertion Sort
7.7 Ethical Issues Around Data Collection Protecting Personal Data How is Data Shared? Impacts of the Internet A Programmer's Responsibilities Check Your Understanding