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Chapter 1

Primitive Types

1.3 Variables and Data Types

Variables and Types

Primitive Types

Numeric Type:

Char Type:

Boolean Type:

Reference Types

String Type

Final Keyword

Naming Variables


Using Final

Swapping Two Values

Check Your Understanding

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Exercise: Answering Questions


Term Definition
Variable A symbol or container that holds a value.
int `int` is a Java type that represents an integer (a whole number)
char `char` is a Java type that represents a single character (a single letter)
double `double` is a Java type that represents a real number with decimal values
Declare a variable Declaring a variable is defining it for the first time.
Initialize a variable Initializing a variable is giving it an initial value, or a starting value.
Primitive Type Primitive types are the basic, simple data types that are inherent to Java (int, double, char, and boolean)
Boolean A boolean is a true or false value.
Reference Type Reference variables store the address of the value
final Prevents variables from changing value.