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Standards Framework

for Indiana Cybersecurity Capstone


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
7243.D1.1 Know & understand the proper techniques of installation, configuration, error diagnosis, troubleshooting, & repairing of various operating systems.
7243.D1.2 Explain the requirements associated with the installations of each operating system.
7243.D1.3 Demonstrate the ability to install, configure, & repair an operating system created during class.
7243.D1.4 Analyze the skills required to be an operating system administrator.
7243.D2.1 Identify trends in Information Communication Technology (ICT) for networking protocols.
7243.D2.2 Apply the foundational concepts of how data travels on a network infrastructure.
7243.D2.3 Securely configure access rights, and traffic on a network infrastructure.
7243.D2.4 Protect digital assets through network infrastructure configurations and monitoring.
7243.D2.5 Design and implement an organizational network infrastructure.
7243.D3.1 Describe the key components of a security metrics program.
7243.D3.2 List the fundamental elements of key information security management practices.
7243.D3.3 Define various access control approaches, including authentication, authorization, and biometric access controls.
7243.D3.4 Explain popular approaches used in industry to manage risk
7243.D4.1 Access and use provided forensic software to complete investigative research.
7243.D4.2 Complete Case Studies that require the use of inference and knowledge of cyber laws at the state and federal level.
7243.D4.3 Create supporting documents that could be used to support cybercrime cases in litigation.
7243.D4.4 Understand current threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies for cybercrime.