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Time and Space

Have you ever wondered why the days get longer after the Winter months? Or why we move our clocks ahead one hour in the Spring, and then back one hour in the Fall? It all has to do with the Earth's position in space! In this project, you'll create an animation that brings to life the journey of planet Earth as it orbits around the sun. Along the way, you'll gain insight into how this affects the amount of daylight we experience, and uncover the fascinating history behind the origins of Daylight Savings Time!


3 Hours

High School

Middle School

Project Description

Project Demo

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Project Overview

Here is an outline of the project activities:
Project Introduction
Why Do We Change the Clocks, Anyway?
Why Do We Have Different Seasons?
Declare Your Variables and Set Up the Canvas
Creating and Positioning Your Images
Give Earth It's Tilt
Orbiting Around the Sun