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  • Karel

Karel Adventures 2: Lost in Space

In this project, students learn about conditional statements and while loops to help Karel journey to space! This is a beginner, story-driven Karel project for students just getting started with text-based coding in Karel.


4 Hours

Middle School

Elementary School

Project Overview

Here is an outline of the project activities:
A Call from Space
Build a Spaceship
Directions to Mars + If Statements
Directions to Mars
Asteroid Field
Asteroid Field 2
Landing Systems Engaged + If/Else Statements
Landing Systems Engaged
Perimeter Check
Putting Out Fires + While Loops
Putting Out Fires 1
Putting Out Fires 2
Tracking Tracy
Tracking Tracy 1
Tracking Tracy 2
Martian Sand Worms
Martian Sand Worms
Heating Up Mars