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Project-Based Learning with CodeHS

This course prepares educators to implement high-quality Project-Based Learning (PBL) strategies using the CodeHS LMS and curriculum. Educators will learn about the basics of Project-Based Learning, using CodeHS curriculum with PBL, lesson planning, managing your PBL/CodeHS classroom, and assessing students in a PBL classroom.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Welcome to PBL with CodeHS
This module includes an overview of the Project-Based Learning Course and the course syllabus. You will also learn how to get help in your PD course, how to use the CodeHS Knowledge Base, and how to connect with other CodeHS educators.
Preparing for Project-Based Learning
In this module, you will learn about some of the basics behind Project-Based Learning. You'll also discover strategies to prepare to use Project-Based Learning in your classroom.
Planning Instruction for PBL
This module includes an overview of lesson planning for Project-Based Learning. You'll learn about CodeHS Lesson Plans, aligning content standards, and other instructional strategies.
Managing a PBL Classroom
This module covers strategies to manage a Project-Based Learning classroom, including customizing the CodeHS LMS, communication & feedback tools and strategies, and CodeHS access control tools.
Student Assessment in a PBL Classroom
This module includes strategies to assess learning in a Project-Based classroom. Lessons include assessing learning with grading and progress monitoring, and assessment strategies for Project-Based Learning.
PBL Course Wrap-Up
The Course Wrap-Up module includes an end-of-course survey, a Project-Based Learning course completion badge, information about how to obtain a Certificate of Course Completion, and information about earning graduate credit.