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Introduction to Java (Latte)


Unit Description
Introduction to Programming in Java with Karel the Dog: In this module, students learn the basics of java commands, control structures, and problem solving by solving puzzles with Karel.
Basic Java: In this module, students learn the basics of the Java programming language. This module covers printing, variables, types, as well as how to use the basic control structures in the Java language.
Methods: In this module, students learn how to define methods in their programs and use autograders to test if their methods are working correctly.
Classes and Object-Oriented Programming: This module teaches students the basics of Object Oriented Programming in Java, which is a powerful programming paradigm. Students will learn how objects store data and interact with each other in Java programs. Students will design and implement classes and extend classes using inheritance.
Data Structures: In this module, students learn basic data structures in Java including arrays, ArrayLists, 2 dimensional arrays and HashMaps. Data structures will be used to design larger applications.
Final Project: In this module, students take the skills they've learned throughout the course to create a final project.

Unit Description
Project: Pokemon Simulation: Create your own version of the Nintendo game Pokemon!
Project: Mad Libs: In this project you'll write a program that allows users to create their own Mad Lib stories!
Java Outside of CodeHS: Learn how to write and run Java programs offline, outside of the CodeHS editor!
Project: Quiz Creation: In this project, you'll write a program that allows users to take quizzes that are generated from a template file.
Computer Ethics: Computers have fundamentally changed the way humans live their lives, and this change will continue into the future. Consider and discuss the ethical questions surrounding the use of computers and the development of new technology.