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Indiana Topics in Computer Science

Topics in Computer Science is designed for students to investigate emerging disciplines within the field of computer science. Students will use foundational knowledge from the Indiana Principles of Computing course to study the areas of game development, cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence. Students will utilize knowledge related to these areas and programming skills to develop solutions to authentic problems.

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Animation and Games
Students learn the history of video games and how to develop games using the JavaScript graphics library.
Create a Game!
In this project, students will work in a group following the Software Development Life Cycle to create a game using the JavaScript Graphics library.
Cybersecurity and You
Students explore key areas such as personal data collection, the reliability of online information, personal data security, and strategies to combat common cyber threats and their prevention.
Python Basics
Students learn the basics of programming in Python by writing programs that interact with users through the keyboard.
Functions in Python
Students learn how their programs can be decomposed into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem.
Python Data Structures
Students learn how tuples, lists, 2D lists, and dictionaries are formed and the various methods that can alter them.
Introduction to Data Science
Students will learn and apply the process of the data science life cycle. This includes asking statistical questions, collecting or obtaining reliable raw data, analyzing the data using measures of central tendency and spread and interpreting and summarizing the results.
Data Science for Business
Students will gather business data that can be used to make decisions about how to better the company or product. They will present their findings in a business report that suggests several action items that they predict will help the business's performance and growth.
The World of Artificial Intelligence
Students will explore the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, understand how neural networks power AI, and discuss its ethical implications.
Creating an Image Recognizing AI
Students will learn to utilize TensorFlow for building image prediction models and selecting appropriate datasets. This module provides hands-on experience with TensorFlow, guiding through the creation of AI models and the critical process of dataset validation.
Using Natural Language Processing
Students will develop skills in creating sentiment analysis models and generating new text using machine learning techniques.
AI Final Project
Students will work on a project to build their own AI, starting from concept selection to planning, execution, and tracking progress, culminating in a reflection on their learning experience.

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