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1. Programming with Karel
1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Video 1.1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Karel Commands Quiz
Example 1.1.3 Our First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.4 Your First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.5 Short Stack
1.2 More About Karel
Video 1.2.1 More About Karel
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 More Basic Karel Quiz
Example 1.2.3 Tennis Ball Square
Exercise 1.2.4 Make a Tower
Exercise 1.2.5 Pyramid of Karel
1.3 Karel Can't Turn Right
Video 1.3.1 Karel Can't Turn Right
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Karel Can't Turn Right Quiz
Example 1.3.3 Tower and Turn Right
Exercise 1.3.4 Slide Karel
Exercise 1.3.5 Fireman Karel
Badge 1.3.6 Karel Turns Right Badge
1.4 Functions in Karel
Video 1.4.1 Functions in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 Functions in Karel Quiz
Example 1.4.3 Turn Around
Exercise 1.4.4 Pancakes
Exercise 1.4.5 Mario Karel
1.5 The Main Function
Video 1.5.1 The Main Function
Check for Understanding 1.5.2 The Main Function Quiz
Example 1.5.3 Tower with Main Function
Exercise 1.5.4 Pancakes with Main
1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Video 1.6.1 Top Down Design and Decomposition
Check for Understanding 1.6.2 Top Down Design and Decomposition Quiz
Video 1.6.3 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Example 1.6.4 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.6.5 The Two Towers
1.7 Commenting Your Code
Video 1.7.1 Commenting Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.7.2 Commenting Your Code Quiz
Example 1.7.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.7.4 The Two Towers + Comments
1.8 Super Karel
Video 1.8.1 Super Karel
Check for Understanding 1.8.2 Super Karel Quiz
Example 1.8.3 Hurdle Karel (with Super Karel)
Exercise 1.8.4 The Two Towers + Super Karel
Badge 1.8.5 Super Karel Badge
1.9 For Loops
Video 1.9.1 For Loops
Check for Understanding 1.9.2 For Loops Quiz
Example 1.9.3 Repeated Move
Example 1.9.4 Put Down Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.9.5 Take 'em All
Exercise 1.9.6 Dizzy Karel
Exercise 1.9.7 Ball in Each Corner
Exercise 1.9.8 Lots of Hurdles
1.10 If Statements and Conditionals
Video 1.10.1 If Statements and Conditionals
Check for Understanding 1.10.2 If Statements and Conditionals Quiz
Example 1.10.3 If Statements and Conditionals
Example 1.10.4 Safe Take Ball
Exercise 1.10.5 Is There a Ball?
Exercise 1.10.6 Don't Crash!
1.11 If/Else Statements
Video 1.11.1 If/Else Statements
Check for Understanding 1.11.2 If/Else Statements Quiz
Example 1.11.3 If/Else Statements
Example 1.11.4 Opposite Day
Exercise 1.11.5 Right Side Up
Exercise 1.11.6 Right vs. Left Square
Badge 1.11.7 Conditional Karel Badge
1.12 While Loops
Video 1.12.1 While Loops
Check for Understanding 1.12.2 While Loops Quiz
Example 1.12.3 Move to Wall
Exercise 1.12.4 Follow The Yellow Ball Road
Exercise 1.12.5 Lay Row of Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.12.6 Big Tower
1.13 How to Indent Your Code
Video 1.13.1 How to Indent Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.13.2 How to Indent Your Code Quiz
Example 1.13.3 Dance and Clean Karel
Exercise 1.13.4 Diagonal
Exercise 1.13.5 Staircase
Badge 1.13.6 Karel Exercises Badge
1.14 Control Structures Example
Video 1.14.1 Control Structures Example
Check for Understanding 1.14.2 Control Structures Example Quiz
Example 1.14.3 Cleanup Karel
Exercise 1.14.4 Random Hurdles
1.15 More Karel Examples and Testing
Video 1.15.1 More Karel Examples and Testing
Example 1.15.2 Move Tennis Ball Stack
Video 1.15.3 Live Coding: Climbing Karel
Example 1.15.4 Climbing Karel
Check for Understanding 1.15.5 Quiz: Which Control Structure?
Exercise 1.15.6 Opposite Corner
1.16 Programming with Karel Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.16.1 Programming with Karel Quiz
2. JavaScript Basics
2.1 Hello World
Video 2.1.1 Hello World
Check for Understanding 2.1.2 Hello World Quiz
Example 2.1.3 Hello World
Exercise 2.1.4 Your Name and Hobby
Exercise 2.1.5 ASCII Animals
2.2 Variables
Video 2.2.1 Variables
Video 2.2.2 Live Coding: Variables
Check for Understanding 2.2.3 Variables Quiz
Example 2.2.4 Basic Variables
Exercise 2.2.5 Daily Activities
Debugging 2.2.6 Debugging Variables
2.3 User Input
Video 2.3.1 User Input
Check for Understanding 2.3.2 User Input Quiz
Example 2.3.3 Basic User Input
Exercise 2.3.4 Dinner Plans
Exercise 2.3.5 Mad Lib
Badge 2.3.6 User Input Badge
2.4 Basic Math
Video 2.4.1 Basic Math
Check for Understanding 2.4.2 Basic Math Quiz
Example 2.4.3 Simple Calculator
Example 2.4.4 Dollars to Pounds
Example 2.4.5 Dividing Up Groups
Exercise 2.4.6 T-Shirt Shop
Exercise 2.4.7 Running Speed
2.5 Collaborative Programming
Video 2.5.1 Pair-Programming
Check for Understanding 2.5.2 Pair-Programming
Connection 2.5.3 Why Practice Pair-Programming?
Free Response 2.5.4 Pair-Programming Reflection
2.6 Random Numbers
Video 2.6.1 Random Numbers
Check for Understanding 2.6.2 Random Numbers Quiz
Example 2.6.3 Rolling a Die
Exercise 2.6.4 Treasure Chest Loot
Exercise 2.6.5 Multiplication Practice
Badge 2.6.6 Randomizer Badge
2.7 Basic Functions
Video 2.7.1 Basic Functions
Notes 2.7.2 Variables in Functions
Quiz 2.7.3 Basic Functions Quiz
Example 2.7.4 Function Flow
Exercise 2.7.5 Digital Business Card
Exercise 2.7.6 ASCII Karel
2.8 JavaScript Basics Quiz
Unit Quiz 2.8.1 JavaScript Basics Quiz
Badge 2.8.2 JavaScript Basics Badge
3. The Canvas and Graphics
3.1 Intro to the Canvas and Graphics
Video 3.1.1 Intro to Canvas and Graphics
Notes 3.1.2 Debug Mode for Positioning
Video 3.1.3 Live Coding: Circle and Rectangle
Connection 3.1.4 Canvas Coordinates
Quiz 3.1.5 Canvas and Graphics Quiz
Example 3.1.6 Creating a Circle
Example 3.1.7 A Circle and a Rectangle
Exercise 3.1.8 A Ball in a Box
Exercise 3.1.9 Raise the Flag
3.2 More Graphics Objects
Video 3.2.1 More Graphics Objects
Video 3.2.2 Live Coding: More Graphics Objects
Quiz 3.2.3 Graphics Objects Quiz
Example 3.2.4 Cute Animals
Example 3.2.5 Greetings, Earth!
Exercise 3.2.6 Exploration: XY Plot
Exercise 3.2.7 Create Your Meme
Exercise 3.2.8 Saturday Mornings
3.3 Positioning Graphics Objects
Video 3.3.1 Positioning Graphics Objects
Quiz 3.3.2 Positioning Quiz
Example 3.3.3 8 Ball
Exercise 3.3.4 Color the Rainbow
Challenge 3.3.5 Create Your Own Plant!
3.4 JavaScript Graphics Quiz
Quiz 3.4.1 JavaScript Graphics Quiz
4. Control Structures
4.1 Booleans
Video 4.1.1 Booleans
Check for Understanding 4.1.2 Booleans Quiz
Example 4.1.3 Boolean Exploration
Exercise 4.1.4 Do You Have a Dog?
Free Response 4.1.5 Booleans are Questions
Exercise 4.1.6 Best Day Ever
4.2 If/Else Statements
Video 4.2.1 If Statements
Check for Understanding 4.2.2 If Statements Quiz
Example 4.2.3 Are You Logged In?
Exercise 4.2.4 Is It Raining?
Exercise 4.2.5 Mood Playlist
Badge 4.2.6 Conditionals Badge
4.3 Logical Operators
Video 4.3.1 Logical Operators
Check for Understanding 4.3.2 Logical Operators Quiz
Example 4.3.3 Light Switch
Example 4.3.4 Harry Potter
Example 4.3.5 Weak Password
Example 4.3.6 Logical Operators Game
Exercise 4.3.7 Can You Graduate?
Exercise 4.3.8 Switching Players
Exercise 4.3.9 A Day of Decisions
4.4 Comparison Operators
Video 4.4.1 Comparison Operators
Check for Understanding 4.4.2 Comparison Operators Quiz
Example 4.4.3 Great Names
Example 4.4.4 Grade Range
Example 4.4.5 Even and Odd
Exercise 4.4.6 Rolling Dice
Exercise 4.4.7 Teenagers
Exercise 4.4.8 Rocket Launch Requirements
Exercise 4.4.9 Trivia Game
4.5 Graphics and Conditionals
Notes 4.5.1 Graphics and Conditionals
Example 4.5.2 Circle or Rectangle?
Exercise 4.5.3 Correct or Incorrect?
Notes 4.5.4 Else If Statements
Example 4.5.5 Conditional Circle Color
Exercise 4.5.6 Odd or Even Shapes
Quiz 4.5.7 Graphics and Conditionals Quiz
Challenge 4.5.8 Interactive Modern Art
4.6 While Loops
Video 4.6.1 While Loops
Check for Understanding 4.6.2 While Loops Quiz
Example 4.6.3 While Loop Countdown
Debugging 4.6.4 Debugging: Best Name Ever
Exercise 4.6.5 Level Up
Exercise 4.6.6 Inventory
4.7 The Break Statement
Video 4.7.1 The Break Statement
Check for Understanding 4.7.2 The Break Statement Quiz
Example 4.7.3 Adding Up Numbers
Free Response 4.7.4 Break Statement Reflection
Exercise 4.7.5 Snake Eyes
Exercise 4.7.6 Better Password Prompt
Exercise 4.7.7 Riddle Machine
4.8 While Loops and Graphics
Notes 4.8.1 While Loops and Graphics
Example 4.8.2 Lots of Circles
Example 4.8.3 Corners on Corners
Exercise 4.8.4 Concentric Circles
Debugging 4.8.5 Debugging: Circle Positions
Exercise 4.8.6 Growing Squares
4.9 For Loops
Video 4.9.1 For Loops
Example 4.9.2 For Loop Exploration
Exercise 4.9.3 Chalkboard
Example 4.9.4 Count By Twos
Example 4.9.5 Eating Apples
Debugging 4.9.6 Countdown by Sevens
Check for Understanding 4.9.7 For Loops Quiz
Exercise 4.9.8 Lives Left
Example 4.9.9 For Loop Sum
Exercise 4.9.10 Jukebox
4.10 For Loops and Graphics
Notes 4.10.1 For Loops and Graphics
Example 4.10.2 Lots of Circles Revisited
Exercise 4.10.3 Exploration: Confetti
Notes 4.10.4 Using i to Position Objects and Adjust Size
Example 4.10.5 Horizontal Stripes #1: Using i to Adjust Position
Example 4.10.6 Horizontal Stripes #2: Using i to Adjust Size
Debugging 4.10.7 Debugging: Colorful Bullseye
Exercise 4.10.8 Caterpillar
Badge 4.10.9 Looper Badge
4.11 Javascript Control Structures Quiz
Unit Quiz 4.11.1 JavaScript Control Structures Quiz
5. Functions
5.1 Parameters
Video 5.1.1 Parameters
Video 5.1.2 Live Coding: Parameters
Quiz 5.1.3 Parameters Quiz
Example 5.1.4 Greetings
Example 5.1.5 Slope of a Line
Example 5.1.6 Draw Lots of Circles!
Exercise 5.1.7 Area of Triangle
Exercise 5.1.8 Rainbow Revisited
Exercise 5.1.9 Cityscape
5.2 Return Values
Video 5.2.1 Return Values
Quiz 5.2.2 Return Values Quiz
Example 5.2.3 Mathematical Returns
Example 5.2.4 Offscreen Graphics
Exercise 5.2.5 Max
Exercise 5.2.6 Overlapping Graphics
Exercise 5.2.7 Is It Even?
5.3 Default Parameter Values
Video 5.3.1 Default Parameter Values
Quiz 5.3.2 Default Parameter Values Quiz
Example 5.3.3 Default Printing
Debugging 5.3.4 Farming International
Exercise 5.3.5 Compound Interest
Exercise 5.3.6 Default Face
5.4 Variable Scopes
Video 5.4.1 Variable Scope
Video 5.4.2 Live Coding: Variable Scope
Quiz 5.4.3 Variable Scope Quiz
Example 5.4.4 Scope of X
Exercise 5.4.5 Exploration: Scope of Ball
Free Response 5.4.6 Scope Reflection
Challenge 5.4.7 Choose Wisely Game
Badge 5.4.8 JavaScript Functions Badge
5.5 Functions Quiz
Unit Quiz 5.5.1 Functions and Parameters Quiz
6. Animation and Games
6.1 Timers
Video 6.1.1 Timers
Check for Understanding 6.1.2 Timers Quiz
Example 6.1.3 Moving Ball
Example 6.1.4 Magic 8 Ball
Exercise 6.1.5 Crazy Ball
Exercise 6.1.6 Paint Splatter
Notes 6.1.7 Project: Evasion (Timers)
Free Response 6.1.8 Project Info and Links
6.2 Stopping Timers
Video 6.2.1 Stopping Timers
Check for Understanding 6.2.2 Stop Timer Quiz
Example 6.2.3 Random Circles
Exercise 6.2.4 Growing Circle
Exercise 6.2.5 Brick Wall
Notes 6.2.6 Project: Evasion (Stop Timers)
Badge 6.2.7 Animating Shapes Badge
6.3 Collisions
Video 6.3.1 Collisions
Video 6.3.2 Live Coding: Collisions
Check for Understanding 6.3.3 Collisions Quiz
Example 6.3.4 Bouncing Ball
Exercise 6.3.5 Collision Simulation
Exercise 6.3.6 Carnival Game
Notes 6.3.7 Project: Evasion (Collisions)
6.4 Mouse Click Events
Video 6.4.1 Mouse Click Events
Check for Understanding 6.4.2 Mouse Click Quiz
Example 6.4.3 Click For Circles
Exercise 6.4.4 Pausing the Carnival Game
Exercise 6.4.5 Dripping Paint
Notes 6.4.6 Project: Evasion (Mouse Click)
6.5 More Mouse Events
Video 6.5.1 More Mouse Events
Check for Understanding 6.5.2 More Mouse Events Quiz
Example 6.5.3 Simple Painting
Example 6.5.4 Painting with Color
Exercise 6.5.5 Coordinates
Exercise 6.5.6 Target
Exercise 6.5.7 Drag and Drop
Notes 6.5.8 Project: Evasion (More Mouse)
Badge 6.5.9 Advanced Animator Badge
6.6 Key Events
Video 6.6.1 Key Events
Check for Understanding 6.6.2 Key Events Quiz
Example 6.6.3 Keyboard Character
Exercise 6.6.4 Basic Snake
Notes 6.6.5 Project: Evasion (Key Events)
Free Response 6.6.6 Project Reflection
6.7 Animation and Games Quiz
Unit Quiz 6.7.1 Animation and Games Quiz
7. JavaScript Project
7.1 Project Prep and Development
Notes 7.1.1 Project Introduction
Free Response 7.1.2 Planning and Design
Pseudocode 7.1.3 Pseudocode
Challenge 7.1.4 Write the Code!
Presentation 7.1.5 Present your Project
8. Computer Science Careers
8.1 Computer Science Careers
Video 8.1.1 Computer Science All Around Us
Quiz 8.1.2 Computer Science All Around Us
Connection 8.1.3 Coding in the Wild
Free Response 8.1.4 Coding in the Wild Response
Connection 8.1.5 Emerging Technologies and Careers
Free Response 8.1.6 The Impact of Emerging Technologies
Resource 8.1.7 Career Research
8.2 Create an Online Portfolio
Free Response 8.2.1 Online Repositories
Connection 8.2.2 What is a Resume?
Free Response 8.2.3 What is a Resume?
Notes 8.2.4 Upload Relevant Documents
8.3 Student Organizations
Notes 8.3.1 What Are They?
Free Response 8.3.2 Their Mission
Free Response 8.3.3 Career Development
Free Response 8.3.4 Additional Opportunities
Free Response 8.3.5 Lifelong Lessons
9. Data
9.1 Getting Started with Data
Video 9.1.1 Getting Started with Data
Check for Understanding 9.1.2 Getting Started with Data Quiz
Connection 9.1.3 What Do We Do With Data?
Free Response 9.1.4 Reflection: Continuously Collecting Data
9.2 Visualizing and Interpreting Data
Video 9.2.1 Visualizing Data
Check for Understanding 9.2.2 Visualizing Data Quiz
Notes 9.2.3 Exploring Data Visualizations
Connection 9.2.4 US Recorded Music Revenue
Connection 9.2.5 National Parks
Connection 9.2.6 March Madness
Connection 9.2.7 Captain Marvel
Free Response 9.2.8 Respond: Visualizations
Free Response 9.2.9 Free Response: Choosing a Visualization
Check for Understanding 9.2.10 Visualizing & Interpreting Data Quiz
9.3 Data Collection & Limitations
Video 9.3.1 Collecting Data
Check for Understanding 9.3.2 Collecting Data Quiz
Free Response 9.3.3 Reflection: Design a Survey
Free Response 9.3.4 Reflection: Self-Driving Cars
Check for Understanding 9.3.5 Data Collection Quiz
Video 9.3.6 Data Limitations
Check for Understanding 9.3.7 Interpreting Data Quiz
Example 9.3.8 Line Graph
Example 9.3.9 Bar Graph
Example 9.3.10 Pie Chart
Free Response 9.3.11 Reflection: Importance of Metadata
9.4 Data Quiz
Unit Quiz 9.4.1 Data Quiz
10. Present a Data-Driven Insight
10.1 Present a Data-Driven Insight
Free Response 10.1.1 Topic Brainstorm
Free Response 10.1.2 Gathering Resources
Presentation 10.1.3 Make a Visualization
Free Response 10.1.4 Written Responses
Free Response 10.1.5 Share Your Findings
11. What is Cybersecurity?
11.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Video 11.1.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Check for Understanding 11.1.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Connection 11.1.3 City Services Ransomware
Free Response 11.1.4 Ransomware Reflection
Example 11.1.5 Ransomware Simulator
Connection 11.1.6 Internet of Things
Connection 11.1.7 Hackers vs. Smart Homes
Free Response 11.1.8 Internet of Things Reflection
11.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Video 11.2.1 Impact of Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 11.2.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Example 11.2.3 Phishing Simulator
Connection 11.2.4 Phishing for Your Info
Free Response 11.2.5 Phishing Reflection
Connection 11.2.6 Cyber Game
Free Response 11.2.7 Cyber Game Reflection
Connection 11.2.8 Cyber Crime Time
Free Response 11.2.9 Cyber Crime Time Reflection
11.3 The CIA Triad
Video 11.3.1 CIA Triad
Check for Understanding 11.3.2 CIA Triad
Free Response 11.3.3 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 11.3.4 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 11.3.5 Breach of Confidentiality
Free Response 11.3.6 Breach of Availability
Free Response 11.3.7 CIA Connections
11.4 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
Unit Quiz 11.4.1 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
12. Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene
12.1 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Video 12.1.1 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Check for Understanding 12.1.2 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Example 12.1.3 Social Media Clean-up
Free Response 12.1.4 Building a Positive Digital Footprint
Connection 12.1.5 Right to be Forgotten?
Free Response 12.1.6 Right to be Forgotten
Free Response 12.1.7 What is your Digital Footprint?
12.2 Cyberbullying
Video 12.2.1 Cyberbullying
Check for Understanding 12.2.2 Cyberbullying
Free Response 12.2.3 Scenario: Student Ranking
Free Response 12.2.4 Scenario: Singled Out
Free Response 12.2.5 Stopping Cyberbullying
12.3 Internet Safety
Video 12.3.1 Internet Safety
Check for Understanding 12.3.2 Internet Safety
Free Response 12.3.3 Scenario: School Stranger
Free Response 12.3.4 Scenario: Vacation Pals
Free Response 12.3.5 Staying Safe
12.4 Privacy & Security
Video 12.4.1 What is Data Privacy & Security?
Check for Understanding 12.4.2 Privacy & Security Quiz
Connection 12.4.3 Google Privacy Policy Search
Free Response 12.4.4 Google Privacy Policy Search
Example 12.4.5 Guess: Password List
Example 12.4.6 Guess: Using an Algorithm
Example 12.4.7 Guess: Brute Force
Connection 12.4.8 How Strong is your Password?
Free Response 12.4.9 How Strong is your password?
Example 12.4.10 You Can Be Tracked!
12.5 Information Literacy
Video 12.5.1 Information Literacy
Check for Understanding 12.5.2 Information Literacy
Free Response 12.5.3 Effective Internet Searches
Connection 12.5.4 Evaluate the Source 1
Free Response 12.5.5 Respond: Evaluate the Source 1
Notes 12.5.6 Evaluate the Source 2
Free Response 12.5.7 Respond: Evaluate the Source 2
Connection 12.5.8 Hero Pig?
Free Response 12.5.9 Respond: Hero Pig?
12.6 Creative Credit & Copyright
Video 12.6.1 Creative Credit and Copyright
Check for Understanding 12.6.2 Creative Credit and Copyright
Free Response 12.6.3 Cite!
Connection 12.6.4 Exploring Creative Commons
Free Response 12.6.5 Respond: Creative Commons
Free Response 12.6.6 Task: Finding Images
Free Response 12.6.7 Reflection: Why is Copyright Important?
12.7 Hacking Ethics
Video 12.7.1 Hacking Ethics & Legality
Check for Understanding 12.7.2 Hacking Ethics & Legality
Connection 12.7.3 Penetration Testing
Free Response 12.7.4 Reflection: Penetration Testing
Connection 12.7.5 Hack the Pentagon?
Free Response 12.7.6 Reflection: Hack the Pentagon
Check for Understanding 12.7.7 Ethical Hacker Agreement
12.8 Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity Quiz
Unit Quiz 12.8.1 Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene Quiz
13. System Administration
13.1 Operating Systems
Video 13.1.1 Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 13.1.2 Operating Systems Quiz
Example 13.1.3 Detect My OS
Connection 13.1.4 Upgrading a Mac OS
Example 13.1.5 Windows OS Installation Simulation
Free Response 13.1.6 Installing an OS
13.2 Comparing Operating Systems
Video 13.2.1 Comparing Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 13.2.2 Comparing Operating Systems Quiz
Example 13.2.3 Windows Simulation
Example 13.2.4 MacOS Simulation
Connection 13.2.5 Choose a Linux Distro!
Free Response 13.2.6 Which would you choose?
13.3 Compatibility
Video 13.3.1 Compatibility
Check for Understanding 13.3.2 Compatibility Quiz
Example 13.3.3 What Processor? Windows
Example 13.3.4 What Processor? Mac
Free Response 13.3.5 What Processor are you running?
13.4 Software and Applications
Video 13.4.1 Software and Applications
Check for Understanding 13.4.2 Software and Applications Quiz
Example 13.4.3 Spreadsheet Simulation
Example 13.4.4 Messaging Simulation
Example 13.4.5 Kanban Board Simulation
Free Response 13.4.6 Software Simulations
13.5 Software Licenses
Video 13.5.1 Software Licenses
Check for Understanding 13.5.2 Software Licenses Quiz
Free Response 13.5.3 Do I need a Software License?
Free Response 13.5.4 Is This Original?
13.6 Application Security
Video 13.6.1 Application Security
Check for Understanding 13.6.2 Application Security
Example 13.6.3 Windows Updates
Connection 13.6.4 Windows Defender Antivirus
Free Response 13.6.5 Windows Defender Antivirus
Free Response 13.6.6 CodeHS System Restore
13.7 Browser Configuration
Video 13.7.1 Browser Configuration
Check for Understanding 13.7.2 Browser Configuration
Connection 13.7.3 Cached CodeHS
Free Response 13.7.4 Cached CodeHS
Example 13.7.5 Is Your Popup Blocker On?
Free Response 13.7.6 Browser Extensions Lab
13.8 System Administration
Video 13.8.1 User Accounts
Check for Understanding 13.8.2 User Accounts Quiz
Free Response 13.8.3 User Accounts
Free Response 13.8.4 Shared Folders and Files
Video 13.8.5 Host Security
Check for Understanding 13.8.6 Host Security Quiz
Free Response 13.8.7 Security Baseline
13.9 Command Line Interface
Notes 13.9.1 Linux/MacOS vs. Windows
Video 13.9.2 Command Line Interface
Check for Understanding 13.9.3 Command Line Interface Quiz
Resource 13.9.4 Command Equivalents
Video 13.9.5 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 13.9.6 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 13.9.7 Directory Directions
Connection 13.9.8 Neural Interface?
Free Response 13.9.9 Neural Interface?
13.10 System Administration Quiz
Survey 13.10.1 Mindsets
Unit Quiz 13.10.2 System Administration Quiz
14. Software Security
14.1 Inside Web Apps
Video 14.1.1 Inside Web Apps
Check for Understanding 14.1.2 Inside Web Apps
Free Response 14.1.3 Using View Page Source
Example 14.1.4 Recreate a Webpage?
Connection 14.1.5 Getting Started with OWASP
Free Response 14.1.6 Getting Started with OWASP
14.2 Developer Tools
Video 14.2.1 Developer Tools
Check for Understanding 14.2.2 Developer Tools
Free Response 14.2.3 Using the Developer Tools
Exercise 14.2.4 Console Secrets
Example 14.2.5 Local Storage
Connection 14.2.6 The Top Cybersecurity Blogs and Websites
Free Response 14.2.7 Selecting a Site to Follow
14.3 The Value of Data
Video 14.3.1 The Value of Data
Check for Understanding 14.3.2 The Value of Data Quiz
Notes 14.3.3 Exploring Data Visualizations
Connection 14.3.4 US Recorded Music Revenue
Connection 14.3.5 National Parks
Connection 14.3.6 March Madness
Connection 14.3.7 Captain Marvel
Free Response 14.3.8 Respond: Visualizations
Free Response 14.3.9 Free Response: Choosing a Visualization
Free Response 14.3.10 Reflection: Design a Survey
14.4 Databases
Video 14.4.1 Databases
Check for Understanding 14.4.2 Databases
Connection 14.4.3 Database Administrator Career
Free Response 14.4.4 Database Administrator Career
Video 14.4.5 Parts of a Database
Check for Understanding 14.4.6 Parts of a Database
Connection 14.4.7 SQL Database Diagram
Free Response 14.4.8 SQL Database Diagram
Free Response 14.4.9 Schema Brainstorm
14.5 Clients and Servers
Video 14.5.1 Clients and Servers
Check for Understanding 14.5.2 Clients and Servers
Connection 14.5.3 Inside a Google Data Center
Free Response 14.5.4 Inside a Google Data Center
Connection 14.5.5 Cloud Vulnerabilities
Free Response 14.5.6 Cloud Vulnerabilities Response
Video 14.5.7 Client-Server Model
Check for Understanding 14.5.8 Client-Server Model
Connection 14.5.9 The Future of User Privacy
Free Response 14.5.10 The Future of User Privacy
14.6 What is SQL?
Notes 14.6.1 What is SQL Overview
Video 14.6.2 Intro to SQL
Check for Understanding 14.6.3 Quiz: What is SQL?
Video 14.6.4 How to Structure Data in SQL
Check for Understanding 14.6.5 How to Structure Data in SQL
Example 14.6.6 SQL Tables
Free Response 14.6.7 SQL Tables Response
14.7 Basic Querying in SQL
Video 14.7.1 The SELECT Statement
Check for Understanding 14.7.2 Basic Querying in SQL
Example 14.7.3 Our First SELECT Statement
Exercise 14.7.4 Your First SELECT Statement
Video 14.7.5 More SELECT Statement
Check for Understanding 14.7.6 More SELECT Statement
Example 14.7.7 Selecting Specific Columns
Exercise 14.7.8 Harry Potter Names
14.8 Filtering Queries in SQL
Video 14.8.1 The WHERE Clause
Check for Understanding 14.8.2 Condition Operators
Example 14.8.3 Ravenclaw House
Example 14.8.4 People in Gryffindor
Example 14.8.5 Filter By ID
Exercise 14.8.6 The Weasleys
Exercise 14.8.7 The Potters
14.9 Common Security Problems
Video 14.9.1 Common Security Problems
Check for Understanding 14.9.2 Common Security Problems
Connection 14.9.3 Meet Security Engineers at Google
Free Response 14.9.4 Security Engineering Reflection
Video 14.9.5 Living in a Digital World
Free Response 14.9.6 Living in a Digital World
14.10 SQL Injection Overview
Video 14.10.1 SQL Injection Overview
Check for Understanding 14.10.2 SQL Injection Overview
Connection 14.10.3 Equifax Security Breach
Connection 14.10.4 Equifax Exposed Millions
Free Response 14.10.5 Equifax SQL Injection Attack
Example 14.10.6 SQLi
14.11 Types of SQLi and Prevention
Video 14.11.1 Types of SQLi
Check for Understanding 14.11.2 Types of SQLi
Video 14.11.3 Preventing SQLi
Check for Understanding 14.11.4 Preventing SQLi
Connection 14.11.5 Mitigating SQL Injection
Free Response 14.11.6 Reflection: Mitigating SQL Injection
Connection 14.11.7 SQL Injection Practice
14.12 Software Security Quiz
Unit Quiz 14.12.1 Software Security Quiz
15. Networking Fundamentals
15.1 Introduction to the Internet
Video 15.1.1 Welcome to the Internet
Check for Understanding 15.1.2 Intro to the Internet
Connection 15.1.3 Inside Facebook's Connectivity Lab
Free Response 15.1.4 Connectivity Lab Reflection
15.2 Notational Systems
Video 15.2.1 Number Systems
Check for Understanding 15.2.2 Number Systems Quiz
Notes 15.2.3 Number Base Tool
Video 15.2.4 Decimal to Binary
Check for Understanding 15.2.5 Decimal to Binary Quiz
Exercise 15.2.6 Binary Game
15.3 Data Representation
Video 15.3.1 Hexadecimal
Check for Understanding 15.3.2 Hexadecimal Quiz
Exercise 15.3.3 Binary to Hex Game
Video 15.3.4 Encoding Text with Binary
Check for Understanding 15.3.5 Encoding Text with Binary Quiz
Example 15.3.6 Custom Encoding
Example 15.3.7 Bits to ASCII
Exercise 15.3.8 Hello World in Bits
15.4 Internet Hardware and Sending Information
Video 15.4.1 Internet Hardware
Check for Understanding 15.4.2 Internet Hardware
Video 15.4.3 Sending Information
Check for Understanding 15.4.4 Sending Information
Connection 15.4.5 The Internet is in the Ocean
Free Response 15.4.6 Internet in the Ocean Reflection
15.5 Internet Addresses
Video 15.5.1 Internet Addresses
Check for Understanding 15.5.2 Internet Addresses
Free Response 15.5.3 The Need for Addresses
Connection 15.5.4 IPv4 vs. IPv6
Free Response 15.5.5 Reflection: IPv4 vs IPv6
15.6 Domain Name System (DNS)
Video 15.6.1 Domain Name System (DNS)
Check for Understanding 15.6.2 Domain Name System
Connection 15.6.3 How Does DNS Work?
Free Response 15.6.4 How Does DNS Work?
15.7 Routing
Video 15.7.1 Routing
Check for Understanding 15.7.2 Routing
Free Response 15.7.3 Redundancy
15.8 Packets & Protocols
Video 15.8.1 Packets
Check for Understanding 15.8.2 Packets
Video 15.8.3 Protocols
Check for Understanding 15.8.4 Protocols
Connection 15.8.5 How the Internet Works
Free Response 15.8.6 The Journey of an Image
15.9 Viewing a Webpage
Video 15.9.1 Viewing a Webpage
Check for Understanding 15.9.2 Viewing a Webpage
Free Response 15.9.3 Explaining a URL
Connection 15.9.4 Net Neutrality Explained
Connection 15.9.5 FCCs Net Neutrality Rules Officially Repealed
Free Response 15.9.6 Take a Side on Net Neutrality
Connection 15.9.7 Net Neutrality and Cybersecurity
Free Response 15.9.8 Net Neutrality and Cybersecurity Research
15.10 Impact of the Internet
Video 15.10.1 Impact of the Internet
Check for Understanding 15.10.2 Impact of the Internet
Connection 15.10.3 What is the Digital Divide?
Free Response 15.10.4 What is the Digital Divide?
15.11 Networking Fundamentals Quiz
Survey 15.11.1 Mindsets
Unit Quiz 15.11.2 Networking Fundamentals Quiz