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Data Science with Python


Unit Description
The Data Science Life Cycle: Students will learn and apply the process of the data science life cycle. This includes asking statistical questions, collecting or obtaining reliable raw data, analyzing the data using measures of central tendency and spread and interpreting and summarizing the results.
Data Science for Change: Students will use and analyze data to better understand a problem, measure the scope of a problem, or understand how people are affected by the problem. They will learn more about cleaning a dataset and filtering by column, rows, and conditions.
Data Storytelling: Students will use and analyze data to tell a data story. They will create a visually appealing infographic that displays important data visualizations. The infographic will also tell a story based on their interpretation after exploring, analyzing, and visualizing the data.
Data Science for Business: Students will gather business data that can be used to make decisions about how to better the company or product. They will present their findings in a business report that suggests several action items that they predict will help the business's performance and growth.
Final Exam:
What's Next?: Students explore the next chapter in learning about data science and the careers that are available and growing.

Unit Description
Basic Python Bootcamp: Learn the basics of programming by writing programs that you can interact with using your keyboard!