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1. What is Cybersecurity?
1.1 Module Overview - Cybersecurity
Video 1.1.1 Welcome to Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Welcome to Cybersecurity
Example 1.1.3 Intruder Alert!
Free Response 1.1.4 Cybersecurity and You
Free Response 1.1.5 Course Goals
1.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Video 1.2.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Connection 1.2.3 WannaCry Ransomware Attack
Free Response 1.2.4 WannaCry Reflection
Example 1.2.5 Ransomware Simulator
Connection 1.2.6 Internet of Things
Connection 1.2.7 Cybersecurity and Connected Cars
Free Response 1.2.8 Internet of Things Reflection
Connection 1.2.9 Threat Map
Free Response 1.2.10 Why Learn about Cybersecurity?
1.3 Impact of Cybersecurity
Video 1.3.1 Impact of Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Connection 1.3.3 Yahoo! Attack
Free Response 1.3.4 Yahoo! Reflection
Connection 1.3.5 Fighting Cyber Crime
Free Response 1.3.6 Cyber Crime Reflection
Connection 1.3.7 FBI Cyber Crime
Free Response 1.3.8 FBI Reflection
1.4 The CIA Triad
Video 1.4.1 CIA Triad
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 CIA Triad
Free Response 1.4.3 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 1.4.4 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 1.4.5 Breach of Confidentiality
Free Response 1.4.6 Breach of Availability
1.5 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
Quiz 1.5.1 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
Badge 1.5.2 Intro to Cybersecurity Badge
2. Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene
2.1 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Video 2.1.1 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Quiz 2.1.2 Digital Footprint and Reputation
Free Response 2.1.3 Building a Positive Digital Footprint
Connection 2.1.4 Right to be Forgotten?
Free Response 2.1.5 Right to be Forgotten
Free Response 2.1.6 What is your Digital Footprint?
2.2 Cyberbullying
Video 2.2.1 Cyberbullying
Quiz 2.2.2 Cyberbullying
Free Response 2.2.3 Scenario: Student Ranking
Free Response 2.2.4 Scenario: Singled Out
Free Response 2.2.5 Stopping Cyberbullying
2.3 Internet Safety
Video 2.3.1 Internet Safety
Quiz 2.3.2 Internet Safety
Free Response 2.3.3 Scenario: School Stranger
Free Response 2.3.4 Scenario: Vacation Pals
Free Response 2.3.5 Staying Safe
2.4 Privacy & Security
Video 2.4.1 What is Data Privacy & Security?
Quiz 2.4.2 Privacy & Security Quiz
Connection 2.4.3 How Strong is your Password?
Free Response 2.4.4 How Strong is your password?
Connection 2.4.5 Google Privacy Policy Search
Free Response 2.4.6 Google Privacy Policy Search
3. Information Literacy
3.1 Information Literacy
Video 3.1.1 Information Literacy
Quiz 3.1.2 Information Literacy
Free Response 3.1.3 Effective Internet Searches
Connection 3.1.4 Evaluate the Source
Free Response 3.1.5 Evaluate the Source
3.2 Creative Credit & Copyright
Video 3.2.1 Creative Credit and Copyright
Quiz 3.2.2 Creative Credit and Copyright
Free Response 3.2.3 Cite!
Connection 3.2.4 Exploring Creative Commons
Free Response 3.2.5 Creative Commons
Free Response 3.2.6 Finding Images
Free Response 3.2.7 Why is Copyright Important?
4. Final Project: PSA
4.1 Project: PSA
Free Response 4.1.1 Pick a Topic
Free Response 4.1.2 Research
Free Response 4.1.3 Choose Your Audience
Free Response 4.1.4 What kind of PSA?
Free Response 4.1.5 Draft your PSA
Free Response 4.1.6 Make your PSA!
4.2 Intro to Cybersecurity Final Exam
Quiz 4.2.1 Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene Unit Quiz
Badge 4.2.2 Intro to Cybersecurity Badge