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Teaching Methods for Computer Science

This course explores computer science as a discipline. It focuses on pedagogical theory, effective teaching methods, and instructional strategies to support the teaching of computer science by encouraging inquiry, creativity, and collaboration.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Course Overview & Resources
This short introductory module includes an overview of what you will see in the Teaching Computer Science Methods course and provides an opportunity for goal setting and joining computer science PLCs.
Pedagogical Knowledge in Practice
This module introduces key pedagogical content knowledge and how it can impact practical experiences in the CS classroom and lessons.
Project-Based Learning & CS
This module prepares educators to implement high-quality Project-Based Learning (PBL) strategies for computer science.
Collaboration in Computer Science
In this module, educators will learn what collaboration in the computer science classroom looks like, explore the various ideas and techniques for student collaboration and learn how to foster a collaborative setting in classrooms. Educators will learn about the challenges they may face and how to overcome those obstacles.
Teaching a Blended Coding Class
This module covers what leading a blended CS classroom with both online and offline activities looks like. It includes helpful ideas and best practices for incorporating online learning into a traditional classroom.
Teaching Effective Debugging Strategies
Debugging is an important skill for students to develop and for teachers to model. This module looks at the importance of debugging skills, common coding errors across most programming languages, and how to address them.
Increasing Student Investment in Computer Science
This module explores topics to help educators scaffold content and expose students to an inviting and engaging CS classroom experience.
Assessing Student Mastery
Participants gain insight into assessing different types of problems, projects, and activities and how to provide constructive feedback to students.
Methods Course Wrap-Up
The course wrap-up module includes the final project, a course completion badge, information about obtaining a Certificate of Course Completion, and information about earning a graduate credit.