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Blended Learning in Computer Science

This course prepares educators to implement engaging, impactful blended learning strategies using the CodeHS LMS and curriculum. Educators will learn about the importance of blended learning, the different types of blended learning models, engaging students with the CodeHS curriculum with any blended learning model, lesson design strategies for scaffolding & differentiation, managing your blended classroom, and assessing students in a blended learning environement.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Welcome to Blended Learning on CodeHS
In this module, teachers will explore the course syllabus, learn about how to access help in their online course, connect with other CodeHS educators, and discover what is blended learning.
Understanding Blended Learning - An Overview
In this module, teachers will explore the benefits of blended learning, discover a variety of blended learning models, and explore which models will work best for their classrooms.
Lesson Planning for Blended Learning
In this module, teachers will explore how to use an LMS for course management, designing effective lesson plans, and student engagement strategies.
Feedback & Assessment in Blended Learning
In this module, teachers will learn about effective feedback and the feedback cycle, explore CodeHS feedback tools, and learn about assessments in blended learning.
Blended Learning Course Wrap-Up
In the final module, teachers will complete the end of course reflection, the course survey, and earn a Blended Learning in CS badge and the course certificate.