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1. Introduction to Programming
1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Video 1.1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Quiz 1.1.2 Quiz: Karel Commands
Example 1.1.3 Our First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.4 Your First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.5 Short Stack
Debugging 1.1.6 Dancing Karel
1.2 More Basic Karel
Video 1.2.1 More Basic Karel
Quiz 1.2.2 More Basic Karel Quiz
Example 1.2.3 Tennis Ball Square
Exercise 1.2.4 Make a Tower
Exercise 1.2.5 Pyramid of Karel
Debugging 1.2.6 Go Through the Door
1.3 Karel Can't Turn Right
Video 1.3.1 Karel Can't Turn Right
Quiz 1.3.2 Karel Can't Turn Right Quiz
Example 1.3.3 Tower and Turn Right
Exercise 1.3.4 Slide Karel
Exercise 1.3.5 Fireman Karel
Free Response 1.3.6 Reflection: Teaching Karel New Commands
1.4 What is a Computer?
Video 1.4.1 History of Computers
Quiz 1.4.2 Quiz: History of Computers
Free Response 1.4.3 Computers' Role in Your Life
Connection 1.4.4 Hardware and Software
Free Response 1.4.5 What is Programming
2. Functions
2.1 Functions in Karel
Video 2.1.1 Functions in Karel
Quiz 2.1.2 Functions in Karel Quiz
Example 2.1.3 Turn Around
Exercise 2.1.4 Pancakes
Exercise 2.1.5 Backflip
2.2 More Practice with Functions
Exercise 2.2.1 Digging Karel
Debugging 2.2.2 Build a Shelter
Debugging 2.2.3 Build a Tent
2.3 The Start Function
Video 2.3.1 The Start Function
Quiz 2.3.2 The Start Function Quiz
Example 2.3.3 Tower with Start Function
Exercise 2.3.4 Pancakes with Start
Exercise 2.3.5 Digging Karel with Start
2.4 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Video 2.4.1 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Quiz 2.4.2 Top Down Design and Decomposition Quiz
Example 2.4.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 2.4.4 The Two Towers
Debugging 2.4.5 Make a 'Z'
Free Response 2.4.6 Reflection: Top Down Design
3. Super Karel and For Loops
3.1 Commenting Your Code
Video 3.1.1 Commenting Your Code
Quiz 3.1.2 Commenting Your Code Quiz
Example 3.1.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 3.1.4 The Two Towers + Comments
Free Response 3.1.5 Reflection: Commenting
3.2 Super Karel
Video 3.2.1 Super Karel
Quiz 3.2.2 Super Karel Quiz
Example 3.2.3 Hurdle Karel (with SuperKarel)
Exercise 3.2.4 The Two Towers + SuperKarel
3.3 For Loops
Video 3.3.1 For Loops
Quiz 3.3.2 For Loops Quiz
Example 3.3.3 Repeated Move
Example 3.3.4 Put Down Tennis Balls
Exercise 3.3.5 Take 'em All
Exercise 3.3.6 Dizzy Karel
3.4 More Practice with For Loops
Exercise 3.4.1 For Loop Square
Exercise 3.4.2 Lots of Hurdles
Debugging 3.4.3 Go Down the Slide: Part One
Debugging 3.4.4 Go Down the Slide: Part Two
Free Response 3.4.5 Reflection: For Loops
4. If Statements
4.1 If Statements
Video 4.1.1 If Statements
Quiz 4.1.2 If Statements Quiz
Example 4.1.3 If Statements
Example 4.1.4 Safe Take Ball
Exercise 4.1.5 Is There a Ball?
4.2 If/Else Statements
Video 4.2.1 If/Else Statements
Quiz 4.2.2 If/Else Statements Quiz
Example 4.2.3 If/Else Statements
Example 4.2.4 One Ball in Each Spot
Exercise 4.2.5 Right Side Up
4.3 More Practice
Debugging 4.3.1 Face the Right Direction
Debugging 4.3.2 Fetch Puzzle
Free Response 4.3.3 Reflection: If/Else Statements
5. While Loops
5.1 While Loops in Karel
Video 5.1.1 While Loops in Karel
Quiz 5.1.2 While Loops in Karel Quiz
Example 5.1.3 Move to Wall
Exercise 5.1.4 Follow The Yellow Ball Road
Exercise 5.1.5 Lay Row of Tennis Balls
5.2 More Practice with While Loops
Exercise 5.2.1 Big Tower
Debugging 5.2.2 Put Balls Away
Debugging 5.2.3 Time Capsule
Free Response 5.2.4 Reflection: While Loops
6. Control Structures
6.1 Control Structures Example
Video 6.1.1 Control Structures Example
Quiz 6.1.2 Control Structures Example Quiz
Example 6.1.3 Cleanup Karel
Exercise 6.1.4 Decorate the Fence
6.2 More Karel Examples and Testing
Video 6.2.1 More Karel Examples and Testing
Quiz 6.2.2 Quiz: Which Control Structure?
Example 6.2.3 Move Tennis Ball Stack
Example 6.2.4 Climbing Karel
6.3 How to Indent Your Code
Video 6.3.1 How to Indent Your Code
Quiz 6.3.2 How to Indent Your Code Quiz
Example 6.3.3 Dance and Clean Karel
Exercise 6.3.4 Diagonal
Exercise 6.3.5 Staircase
6.4 Ultra Karel
Video 6.4.1 Ultra Karel
Quiz 6.4.2 Ultra Karel Quiz
Example 6.4.3 Red Frame
Example 6.4.4 Slip n Slide
Exercise 6.4.5 Checkerboard Karel
Badge 6.4.6 Karel Exercises Badge
7. Karel Challenges
7.1 Karel Challenges
Challenge 7.1.1 Fetch
Challenge 7.1.2 Racing Karel
Challenge 7.1.3 Firework
Challenge 7.1.4 Random Hurdles
Challenge 7.1.5 Go Through the Fence
Badge 7.1.6 Karel Challenges Badge
8. Final Project
8.1 Final Project
Free Response 8.1.1 Brainstorm and Discuss
Free Response 8.1.2 Planning
Free Response 8.1.3 Pseudocode
Challenge 8.1.4 Create Your Project!
Badge 8.1.5 Final Project Badge