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1. Web Design
1.1 Computer Science Careers
Video 1.1.1 Computer Science All Around Us
Quiz 1.1.2 Computer Science All Around Us
Connection 1.1.3 CS Careers
Free Response 1.1.4 CS Career Response
Connection 1.1.5 Coding in the Wild
Free Response 1.1.6 Coding in the Wild Response
Connection 1.1.7 Inclusive Coding
Free Response 1.1.8 Inclusive Coding Response
1.2 Introduction to HTML
Video 1.2.1 Introduction to HTML
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 Introduction to HTML Quiz
Example 1.2.3 Our First HTML Page
Exercise 1.2.4 Say Hello!
1.3 Structure of an HTML Page
Video 1.3.1 Structure of an HTML Page
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Structure of an HTML Page Quiz
Example 1.3.3 HTML Template
Example 1.3.4 Hello World Page
Exercise 1.3.5 The <title> Tag
Exercise 1.3.6 Your First HTML Page
1.4 Formatting Text
Video 1.4.1 Formatting Text
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 Formatting Text Quiz
Example 1.4.3 Dictionary
Exercise 1.4.4 That's Bold
Exercise 1.4.5 Artificial Intelligence
Exercise 1.4.6 State Capitals
Badge 1.4.7 Formatting Badge
1.5 Links
Video 1.5.1 Links
Check for Understanding 1.5.2 Links Quiz
Example 1.5.3 The <a> Tag
Exercise 1.5.4 Simple Link
Exercise 1.5.5 My Favorite Websites
1.6 Images
Video 1.6.1 Images
Check for Understanding 1.6.2 Images Quiz
Example 1.6.3 The <img> Tag
Example 1.6.4 Building the CodeHS Homepage
Exercise 1.6.5 Collage on a Theme
Exercise 1.6.6 Linking an Image
Exercise 1.6.7 Personal Library
Survey 1.6.8 Mindsets
1.7 HTML Lists
Video 1.7.1 HTML Lists
Check for Understanding 1.7.2 HTML Lists Quiz
Example 1.7.3 Grocery Shopping
Exercise 1.7.4 Favorite Things
Exercise 1.7.5 To-Do List
Exercise 1.7.6 List Article
1.8 HTML Tables
Video 1.8.1 HTML Tables
Check for Understanding 1.8.2 HTML Tables Quiz
Example 1.8.3 Address Book
Exercise 1.8.4 Favorite Songs
Exercise 1.8.5 Calendar
1.9 HTML Styling
Video 1.9.1 HTML Styling
Check for Understanding 1.9.2 HTML Styling Quiz
Example 1.9.3 Stylish Address Book
Exercise 1.9.4 Background Colors
Exercise 1.9.5 Style Your To-Do List
Badge 1.9.6 Styling Badge
1.10 Introduction to CSS
Video 1.10.1 Introduction to CSS
Check for Understanding 1.10.2 Introduction to CSS Quiz
Example 1.10.3 Styling your H1s
Exercise 1.10.4 First style with CSS
Exercise 1.10.5 List Styling
1.11 CSS Select by Tag
Video 1.11.1 CSS Select by Tag
Check for Understanding 1.11.2 CSS Select by Tag Quiz
Example 1.11.3 Rainbow
Example 1.11.4 Dog Styling
Exercise 1.11.5 Restaurant Menu
Exercise 1.11.6 Put Karel Together
1.12 CSS Select by Class
Video 1.12.1 CSS Select by Class
Check for Understanding 1.12.2 CSS Select by Class Quiz
Example 1.12.3 Simple Checkerboard
Exercise 1.12.4 Tic Tac Toe
Exercise 1.12.5 Music Library
1.13 CSS Select by ID
Video 1.13.1 CSS Select by ID
Check for Understanding 1.13.2 CSS Select by ID Quiz
Example 1.13.3 Logo
Exercise 1.13.4 Favorite Dog
Exercise 1.13.5 Bingo
1.14 Color Theory
Connection 1.14.1 Color Theory
Notes 1.14.2 Colormind
Free Response 1.14.3 Colormind Collection
Notes 1.14.4 Coolers
Connection 1.14.5 Poolors
Free Response 1.14.6 Coolers and Poolors
Connection 1.14.7 Patterns
Challenge 1.14.8 Play with Colors!
1.15 Viewing Websites
Video 1.15.1 Viewing Websites
Check for Understanding 1.15.2 Viewing Websites Quiz
Free Response 1.15.3 Explaining a URL
Badge 1.15.4 Web Development Badge
1.16 Web Design Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.16.1 Web Design Quiz
2. Project: My Website Portfolio
2.1 Intro to Design Thinking
Video 2.1.1 Intro to Design Thinking
Quiz 2.1.2 Intro to Design Thinking
Notes 2.1.3 Website Requirements
Notes 2.1.4 Web Design Tools
Resource 2.1.5 Tools Evaluation
Free Response 2.1.6 Project Planning: Timeline
2.2 Empathy
Video 2.2.1 Empathy
Quiz 2.2.2 Empathy Quiz
Connection 2.2.3 A Cafeteria Designed for Me
Free Response 2.2.4 A Cafeteria Designed for Me
Connection 2.2.5 Accessibility
Free Response 2.2.6 Accessibility Tips
Connection 2.2.7 W3C Accessibility Standards
Free Response 2.2.8 Accessibility: Designing for ALL
2.3 Exploring Website Designs
Free Response 2.3.1 Good vs. Bad Web Design
Free Response 2.3.2 Creating a Rubric
Free Response 2.3.3 Reflection: Checklist
2.4 Images and Graphics
Notes 2.4.1 Creating an Image/Graphic
Free Response 2.4.2 Image/Graphic Brainstorm
Exercise 2.4.3 My Image/Graphic
2.5 Audio and Video
Notes 2.5.1 Creating Audio/Video
Free Response 2.5.2 Audio/Video Brainstorm
Exercise 2.5.3 My Audio File
Exercise 2.5.4 My Video File
2.6 Animation
Notes 2.6.1 Creating Animation
Example 2.6.2 CSS Animation
Free Response 2.6.3 Animation Brainstorm
Exercise 2.6.4 My Animation
2.7 Test
Video 2.7.1 Test
Quiz 2.7.2 Testing Quiz
Connection 2.7.3 Testing with Users
Connection 2.7.4 Example: How to User Test
Free Response 2.7.5 How to User Test Responses
Connection 2.7.6 Example: How NOT to User Test
Free Response 2.7.7 How NOT to User Test Responses
Free Response 2.7.8 Test Prototype 1
Free Response 2.7.9 Test Prototype 2
Free Response 2.7.10 Improve Your Prototype
2.8 Final Web Design Project
Challenge 2.8.1 Final Project
3. Game Design
3.1 History of Video Games
Notes 3.1.1 History of Games
Connection 3.1.2 Beginning of Modern Day Video Games
Free Response 3.1.3 Early Years of Video Games
Connection 3.1.4 Revitalizing an Industry
Connection 3.1.5 Battle of the Consoles
Free Response 3.1.6 Quiz: Intro to Game Design
3.2 Careers in Game Design
Connection 3.2.1 Shadow a Game Designer
Connection 3.2.2 What does it take to become a game developer?
Free Response 3.2.3 Reflection: Shadow a Game Designer
3.3 Elements of Game Design
Connection 3.3.1 Research: Elements of Game Design
Free Response 3.3.2 Research: Elements of Game Design
Connection 3.3.3 What Makes a Game Fun?
Free Response 3.3.4 Reflection: What Makes a Game Design Fun?
3.4 Game Industry Insights
Connection 3.4.1 Brainstorm: My Dream Game
Connection 3.4.2 Project: Game Design Document (GDD)
4. Project: Creating a Game with Code
4.1 Coding a Sports Game
Video 4.1.1 Introduction to Coding in Sports
Example 4.1.2 Trash Shot Example
Challenge 4.1.3 Make a Shot
Connection 4.1.4 Nike Sports Research: The Art of Science
Example 4.1.5 Final Project Inspiration
Badge 4.1.6 Introduction to Coding in Sports Badge
4.2 Game Events
Video 4.2.1 Game Events
Example 4.2.2 Hockey Shootout
Challenge 4.2.3 Eventful Games
Connection 4.2.4 Coding in the Wild: Basketball
4.3 Sound Effects
Video 4.3.1 Sound Effects
Example 4.3.2 Baseball Catch
Challenge 4.3.3 Score!!!
4.4 Make a Shot!
Video 4.4.1 Finishing Touches
Example 4.4.2 Recycling Game
Challenge 4.4.3 Make a Shot!
Badge 4.4.4 Make a Shot! badge
4.5 Air Horn App
Video 4.5.1 Air Horn App
Example 4.5.2 Sport Sounds
Challenge 4.5.3 Air Horn App
Connection 4.5.4 NFL's Magic Yellow Line
4.6 Event Handlers
Video 4.6.1 Event Handlers
Challenge 4.6.2 Get the Ball Moving
4.7 Putting Game
Video 4.7.1 Putting Game
Example 4.7.2 Hockey Rink Hole
Challenge 4.7.3 Avoid the Obstacles
Badge 4.7.4 Hole in One! badge
4.8 Level Up!
Video 4.8.1 Multi-Level Game
Example 4.8.2 Multiple Sports Holes
Challenge 4.8.3 Round Two!
4.9 Final Touches
Video 4.9.1 Final Touches
Example 4.9.2 Hut Hut Putt Putt
Challenge 4.9.3 Putt Putt CLINK
Connection 4.9.4 Life of a Software Engineer at EA Sports
4.10 Make a Game!
Video 4.10.1 Final Project
Example 4.10.2 The Golf Coast
Example 4.10.3 Mini-Golf Course
Challenge 4.10.4 Mini-Golf
Badge 4.10.5 Pro Golfer