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Chapter 2

JavaScript Control Structures

2.2 Logical Operators

What Are Logical Operators?

The NOT Operator

Light Switch

The AND Operator

The OR Operator

Wasting Time

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Term Definition
Boolean A boolean is a true or false value.
Variable A symbol or container that holds a value.
Logical operator Used to make logical associations between boolean values
Or operator Logical operator that ORs two boolean values. Written as `||`. `a || b` will be true if `a` or `b` is true.
And operator Logical operator that ANDs two boolean values. Written as `&&`. `a && b` will be true if both `a` and `b` are true.
Not operator Logical operator that negates a single boolean value. Written as `!`. `!a` will be true if `a` is false, and false if `a` is true.
Negate To flip a boolean value, or take the opposite of a boolean value. If you negate true, you get false. If you negate false, you get true.