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Standards Framework

for West Virginia Computer Programming & Software Development Career Pathway Standards


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
1 Analyze customer software needs and requirements.
2 Demonstrate the use of industry standard strategies and project planning to meet customer specifications.
3 Analyze system and software requirements to ensure maximum operating efficiency.
4 Demonstrate the effective use of software development tools to develop software applications.
5 Apply an appropriate software development process to design a software application.
6 Program a computer application using the appropriate programming language.
7 Demonstrate software testing procedures to ensure quality products.
8 Perform quality assurance tasks as part of the software development cycle.
9 Perform software maintenance and customer support functions.
10 Design, create, and maintain a database.
11 Participate in a co-curricular CTSO that provides a variety of ongoing school and community-based service projects to enhance leadership opportunities.