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West Virginia 6-8 Standards Mapping


Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

16 Standards in this Framework 10 Standards Mapped 62% Mapped to Course

Standard Lessons
CS.6-8.1 Analyze and devise problem-solving strategies cooperatively and collaboratively.
CS.6-8.2 Systematically identify and fix problems with computing, devices and their components.
  1. 12.1 Methodology
  2. 12.2 Support Practice
CS.6-8.3 Analyze connections between elements of computer science and mathematics.
CS.6-8.4 Use various computer applications and online resources to explore how networks and cyber infrastructure work together to provide security and prevent system compromise.
  1. 2.4 Privacy & Security
  2. 11.6 Network Communication
  3. 11.7 Network Management
CS.6-8.5 Model appropriate data privacy and cyber security procedures when using a computer.
  1. 2.4 Privacy & Security
  2. 2.7 Hacking Ethics
CS.6-8.6 Understand how information is transmitted via wired and wireless networks and the security vulnerability of each.
  1. 5.1 Cryptography, Cryptology, Cryptanalysis
  2. 8.9 Common Security Problems
  3. 10.4 Internet Hardware and Sending Information
CS.6-8.7 Convert various types of data into different formats.
  1. 10.2 Notational Systems
  2. 10.3 Data Representation
CS.6-8.8 Use digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data.
CS.6-8.9 Produce accurate and correct information from data.
CS.6-8.10 Analyze the problem and use a tool (e.g., flow chart) to design an algorithm to solve complex problems.
CS.6-8.11 Understand the function of control structures to create specific behaviors (e.g., sequential, selection, repetition).
  1. 4.2 Programming with Karel
  2. 4.3 Looping
  3. 4.4 Branching
  4. 22.4 If Statements
  5. 22.5 For Loops in JavaScript
  6. 22.9 While Loops
  7. 22.10 Loop and a Half
CS.6-8.12 Write computer program(s) to solve simple problems and document the process for others to reference.
  1. 4.6 Organizational Techniques
CS.6-8.13 Seek and incorporate feedback from team members and users to refine a solution that meets user needs.
CS.6-8.14 Determine the uses of computing concepts and technology in global collaboration.
  1. 10.10 Impact of the Internet
CS.6-8.15 Explain how computer science fosters innovation in all careers and disciplines.
  1. 10.10 Impact of the Internet
CS.6-8.16 Discuss issues of bias and accessibility in the design of existing technologies.
  1. 10.10 Impact of the Internet