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Standards Framework

for South Dakota Web Development 1


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
WD 1.1 Identify the infrastructure required to access the Internet
WD 1.2 Summarize Internet development and functions
WD 1.3 Recognize the purpose of domains
WD 1.4 Define the function of a Domain Name Server (DNS)
WD 1.5 Define important Internet communications protocols and their roles in delivering basic Internet services
WD 1.6 Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules
WD 1.7 Explain the use and purpose of acceptable use policy (AUP)
WD 2.1 Demonstrate knowledge required to create a web page
WD 2.2 Demonstrate appropriate file structure and naming
WD 2.3 Create web pages with appropriate HTML structure and standards that can be validated using World Wide Web Consortium validator (W3C)
WD 2.4 Demonstrate the use of elements and attributes
WD 2.5 Incorporate meta tags for page documentation and search engine optimization (SEO)
WD 3.1 Apply essential aspects of the CSS
WD 3.2 Apply CSS to a website
WD 3.3 Use selectors in a CSS
WD 4.1 Analyze project requirements
WD 4.2 Plan site design and page layout
WD 5.1 Explore Information Technology (IT) Web Development careers
WD 5.2 Demonstrate job skills for programming industries