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Standards Framework

for Indiana Cybersecurity Fundamentals


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
7179.D1.1 Define Information Communication Technology (ICT) , and describe the concepts behind it.
7179.D1.2 Identify and explain various network topologies.
7179.D1.3 Apply the foundational building blocks of a network infrastructure.
7179.D1.4 Connect basic network infrastructure devices to create a limited functioning local network.
7179.D1.5 Understand and identify organizational digital assets.
7179.D1.6 Describe how to protect digital assets through secure network infrastructure configurations.
7179.D1.7 Design an organizational network infrastructure.
7179.D2.1 Know the need for network security and security policies.
7179.D2.2 Explain the various types of network security technology & protocols available & the advantages/differences of each.
7179.D2.3 Demonstrate a knowledge & understanding of different types of security components such as routers, firewalls, & protocols & how they can be...
7179.D2.4 ...implemented onto various network topologies.
7179.D2.5 Differentiate specific security protocols and their implementations.
7179.D2.6 Create a firewall & security policy that follows a strict set of guidelines for a network that the student will create.