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Tennessee Web Design Foundations: C10H16.7.1

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Writing Styles: In teams, research writing styles on various web sites (include sites of wellknown organizations and companies). Identify characteristics that are consistently used and include examples of what made the text memorable and easy to scan. Use the research findings to create guidelines for the class to apply to upcoming web design and development projects. During the survey of writing styles on the web, take notice of the following: a. location of important information on the page; b. use of bulleted lists and tables; c. length and simplicity of paragraphs; d. headlines and introduction sentences; e. tone and voice used; and f. accuracy of information (current or outdated).

3.1 Creating a Resume
3.2 Layout and Web Design Theory
7.5 Presenting Your Innovation
9.1 Creating a Resume
9.2 Layout and Web Design Theory
13.2 Presenting Your Innovation
7.1 Creating a Resume
7.2 Layout and Web Design Theory
10.2 Presenting Your Innovation
6.5 Presenting Your Innovation
11.5 Presenting Your Innovation