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Tennessee Web Design Foundations: C10H16.2.4

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Maintenance Requirements: Demonstrate an understanding of maintenance requirements for a web site that is aligned with the project brief. Develop a plan that thoroughly describes how the site will be consistently updated and reviewed. Write a text explaining the maintenance requirements and plan to a client. For example, a web site maintenance plan should include, but is not limited to, any automated processes for changing content, required training for content contributors, and assignments for specific updates (e.g., keyword, search engine, Meta data, and graphics).

6.4 What is Web Optimization?
6.5 Optimizing Web Information
11.4 What is Web Optimization?
11.5 Optimizing Web Information
9.4 What is Web Optimization?
9.5 Optimizing Web Information
6.12 What is Web Optimization?
6.13 Optimizing Web Information
5.17 What is Web Optimization?
5.18 Optimizing Web Information
5.4 What is Web Optimization?
5.5 Optimizing Web Information
10.4 What is Web Optimization?
10.5 Optimizing Web Information