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NV Career Readiness Framework


Standard Description
1.1.1 Demonstrate a positive work ethic by coming to work every day on time, a willingness to take direction, and motivation to accomplish the task at hand Lessons
1.1.2 Demonstrate integrity by abiding by workplace policies and laws and demonstrating honesty and reliability Lessons
1.1.3 Demonstrate teamwork skills by contributing to the success of the team, assisting others, and requesting help when needed Lessons
1.1.4 Demonstrate positive self-representation skills by dressing appropriately and using language and manners suitable for the workplace Lessons
1.1.5 Demonstrate diversity awareness by working well with all customers and coworkers Lessons
1.1.6 Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills by negotiating diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace issues Lessons
1.1.7 Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness by contributing new ideas and working with initiative Lessons
1.2.1 Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills by communicating effectively with customers and employees and following directions Lessons
1.2.2 Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills by reading and interpreting workplace documents and writing clearly Lessons
1.2.3 Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills by analyzing and resolving problems that arise in completing assigned tasks Lessons
1.2.4 Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills by following safety guidelines and managing personal health Lessons
1.2.5 Demonstrate understanding of workplace organizations, systems, and climates by identifying “big picture” issues and fulfilling the mission of the workplace Lessons
1.2.6 Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills by continually acquiring new industry-related information and improving professional skills Lessons
1.2.7 Demonstrate job acquisition and advancement skills by preparing to apply for a job and seeking promotion Lessons
1.2.8 Demonstrate time, task, and resource management skills by organizing and implementing a productive plan of work Lessons
1.2.9 Demonstrate mathematics skills by using mathematical reasoning to accomplish tasks Lessons
1.2.10 Demonstrate customer service skills by identifying and addressing the needs of all customers and providing helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service Lessons
1.3.1 Demonstrate proficiency with job-specific technologies by selecting and safely using technological resources to accomplish work responsibilities in a productive manner Lessons
1.3.2 Demonstrate proficiency with information technology by using computers, file management techniques, and software/programs effectively Lessons
1.3.3 Demonstrate proper Internet use and security by using the Internet appropriately for work Lessons
1.3.4 Demonstrate proficiency with telecommunications by selecting and using appropriate devices, services, and applications Lessons