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North Carolina Foundations of Information Technology Framework


Standard Description
NCCTE.BI10.01.01 Understand information technologies and related career pathways. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.01.02 Understand career and workplace expectations. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.02.01 Understand how computing devices work. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.02.02 Understand basic troubleshooting of hardware and software. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.02.03 Explore advanced concepts in Information Support and Services. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.03.01 Understand the physical components of a network. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.03.02 Understand network management. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.03.03 Explore advanced concepts in network systems. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.04.01 Understand how multimedia is used on the Web. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.04.02 Understand how webpages are created and used. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.04.03 Explore advanced concepts in web development. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.05.01 Understand software types and uses. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.05.02 Understand beginning programming concepts Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.05.03 Explore advanced concepts in Programming and Software Development. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.06.01 Understand the evolution of information technology. Lessons
NCCTE.BI10.06.02 Understand careers in information technology. Lessons