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What is CodeHS?

What is CodeHS?

CodeHS is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science. We provide web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development.


The mission of CodeHS is to empower all students to meaningfully impact the future.

We believe that in the 21st century, coding is a foundational skill, just like reading and writing. That’s why we say: Read, Write, Code. We do this by providing great curriculum, tools, and resources to teachers, students, and schools to implement high quality computer science programs. We believe that everyone should get the chance to learn coding, and that it’s a skill that provides limitless creative opportunity to students. We want to help make computer science education fun and accessible, and believe you need both great tools as well as a great community to make this happen. We do this through our support for teachers, students and schools, with the help our dedicated team and amazing tutors. Thanks for visiting our site!


Encourage Teaching and Learning

CodeHS is about providing excellent teaching and learning opportunities in computer science for students all over the world. We value creating fun, accessible and creative learning experiences for teachers, for students, and for team members at CodeHS. We believe that education--and specifically coding--within the formal K-12 system, the higher-education system, and beyond has the power to allow everyone to unlock their full potential.

Create a Direct Positive Impact

At CodeHS we value creating a direct positive social impact with our work. We work directly with students, teachers, schools and districts to implement computer science classes. Through building great curriculum, tools and resources to allow high schools to teach computer science, we can create a direct educational benefit to students to help explore the limitless world of computing. We believe that expanding access to computer science education will empower students to take an active role in creating the future.

Make It Fun and Creative

Bringing fun and creativity to every aspect of our work is a main focus for us at CodeHS. It starts with a fun, friendly and accessible curriculum, that allows students the opportunity to build creatively and engage in thoughtful problem solving. We also focus on developing a creative and fun environment to work in, and think that this allows us to bring novel approaches to challenging problems. Computing is about logic--but it’s also about creativity--and we hope to share that excitement with teachers and students through CodeHS.

Our story

Jeremy and Zach met in their freshman dorm at Stanford where they started and ran The Stanford Flipside, the satirical newspaper on campus. They both majored in computer science and participated in the section leader program for 3 years, helping teach and run the intro courses. They started CodeHS their senior year so they could give everyone around the world the same opportunities as Stanford computer science students.


"WOW!!! The students LOVED Karel the Dog! Today was their first day of using the software and the curriculum. Every single student was engaged and the comments were so full of excitement. This is going to be the much needed shot in the arm that my students need, I can tell already!"

Linda Brown, Teacher, Desert Hills High School

"CodeHS is flexible for both students and teachers, because I LOVE the problem-solving approach and puzzle/game nature of the exercises, and because students can learn at a level that is appropriate for them - whether they are a slow first-timer or speedy and already have coding experience. And it's all packaged in one place - CodeHS."

Eric Ferrante, Teacher, Cupertino High School

"The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short."

Ellen Kohrs, Teacher, Sea Crest School

"My students are absolutely loving this class. They are flying through the Karel module. Take a look. We've had two 87 min classes so far and some of my students have completed activities that I had on my syllabus for Sept. 24. It has been amazing."

Jerome Schmidt, Teacher, Brentwood High School

"I will praise codeHS to the skies and tell them why its better than codecademy, udacity, udemy, cousera, or books."

Joe Thompson, Teacher, Gunston High School

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CodeHS Schools

Here at CodeHS, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to code! Whether you're at a public, private, charter, home school, big or small, urban or rural--CodeHS has you covered. We are proud to work with school leaders in every type of school you can imagine and we look forward to working with you, too! Check out some stories below from the various teachers who have used CodeHS.

Case Studies

Joe Thompson:Director of Technology at Gunston High School, a small private school in Maryland, Joe started teaching computer science and quickly made it the funnest class at the school!Full Story

Aaron Grill:Having taught computer science for over a decade, Aaron Grill, now the Director of Technology and a classroom teacher at the Browning School in New York, says that for administrators thinking about bringing on a computer science program, CodeHS is a silver bullet!Full Story

Brian Gervase:When Mountain House High School was being built 2 years ago, math department chair Brian Gervase made sure that computer science was a core part of the school curriculum and the 21st century learning environment that would prepare students to be both college and career-ready.Full Story

Andy Walleck:A former English teacher, Andy Walleck didn't know what to think when his administration told him he'd be teaching computer science starting two years ago. Now, he's loving it and watching his kids become inspired by coding.Full Story

Eve Sarra: How a one woman computer science program grew Bridgeport Central’s computer science track from nothing to multiple sections of AP ready students -- in just a single year.Full Story

Denise Huey: Inspiring, connecting, and coding -- how Denise Huey create a welcoming coding environment of all of her students.Full Story

Joe Prohaska:A former industry software developer, Joe finally fulfilled his passion to teach computer science by starting the computer science program at KIPP Heartwood.Full Story

Kim Zimmer:Authentic, fun, inviting, inspiring -- this is the classroom that computer science teacher Kim Zimmer has created with CodeHS! Full Story

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