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CodeHS Elementary Platform

An LMS designed to support the needs of elementary teachers and integrate computer science instruction into elementary classrooms.

Easily Prepare with Ready-to-Go Videos Lessons

Lesson prep in minutes with CodeHS! Ready-to-Go lessons include engaging student-facing videos, discussion questions, and guided practice.

Get Creative with Scratch on CodeHS

Engage students with creative coding using Scratch, a web-based block programming environment. Scratch is embedded into the CodeHS Platform, allowing students to login to their CodeHS accounts to code without any downloads required!

Quickly Analyze Student Data with Progress Tracking

Easily view student assignment progress and track which students need extensions or additional support.

Create Courses, Sections, & Assignments

Choose courses, create sections of students, and assign additional lessons from the Elementary Lesson Catalog.

Manage Student Rosters & Easily Login Students

Seamlessly import class rosters and manage student accounts on CodeHS. Students can easily login with names or picture passwords - only one click!

Spanish Language Options

Spanish versions of lessons available for English Language Learners

Standard Alignments

Lessons fully aligned with state and national standards

Easy Student Login

Simple login for students using picture passwords

Hide & Publish Assignments

Manage when students can access specific assignments