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Using the CodeHS IDE

In this course, educators will learn how to use the CodeHS integrated development environment (IDE) to engage, assess and collaborate with students. Teachers will begin by exploring the tools and resources available to help them navigate the IDE and set their students up for success. Teachers will use the CodeHS Sandbox to collaborate with students in real-time.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Start Here
This unit gives teachers an overview of what they will learn in the "Using the CodeHS IDE" course.
Introduction to the CodeHS IDE
This unit gives teachers an overview of the features of the CodeHS IDE, including the CodeHS code editor and teaching and learning tools in the IDE.
Debugging in the CodeHS IDE
This unit is designed to help teachers get started with the debugging resources in the CodeHS IDE.
Real Time Collaboration & Sandbox
This unit is designed to introduce teachers to the Sandbox and give students a place to code open-ended, collaborative projects.
Advanced Tips & Tricks in the IDE
This unit is designed to give teachers you an overview of the advanced features of the CodeHS IDE and different IDE settings by programming language. Teachers will learn how to utilize additional resources to streamline their work and student work.
Course Wrap-Up
This module wraps up the course with a survey, badge and certificate!