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Elementary Teaching Methods for Computer Science

This is the first CS Concepts and Teaching Methods course that focuses on teaching computer science in elementary schools. It addresses how teaching computer science to this age group is different from teaching older students, and the methods, theories, and strategies in this course reflect what is developmentally appropriate for students in lower age groups.

Overview & Highlights

Elementary School
Number of Lessons

Overview of Lessons

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Course Overview & Resources

Elem CS Methods - Course Overview

ScratchJr & Scratch

Scratch Jr & Scratch - Getting Started

Intro to Scratch Jr

Programming with ScratchJr

Intro to Scratch

Programming with Scratch

Pedagogical Knowledge in Practice

Pedagogical Knowledge in Practice - Getting Started

Fostering Computational Thinking

Understanding Cognitive Load Theory

Approaches to Teaching Computer Science

Other Approaches

Teaching Digital Citizenship & Cyber Hygiene

Teaching Digital Citizenship & Cyber Hygiene - Getting Started

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Identity and Footprint

Being Respectful Online

Digital Wellness

Internet Safety

Sharing and Using Digital Media

Media Literacy

Instructional Strategies in the Elem CS Classroom

Instructional Strategies in the Elementary CS Classroom - Getting Started


Collaboration Strategies


The Inclusive CS Classroom

Interdisciplinary CS

Physical Computing

Open-Ended Projects

Assessing Student Mastery

Assessing Student Mastery - Getting Started

Assessing Student Mastery

Formative and Summative Assessment

Assessing with Rubrics

Using Assessment Data

Course Wrap-Up

Course Wrap-Up