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How CodeHS Works

This short online PD course covers strategies to leverage CodeHS tools for grading, progress monitoring, providing feedback, creating & customizing courses/sections, using the IDE, using curricular resources, and other platform tools and resources.

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Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Welcome to How to Use CodeHS
In this module, you will be introduced to the How CodeHS works course. You will also learn how to get help in the PD course, use the CodeHS Knowledge Base, and connect with the CodeHS Community.
Using the CodeHS IDE
In this module, you will learn about the structure of a CodeHS lesson and the basics of using the CodeHS online IDE.
Course & Section Creation
In this module, you will learn about how to get started in the CodeHS LMS. You'll learn how to create and manage courses and sections, how to enroll students in your sections, and some basic customization techniques.
Student Progress, Grading, and CodeHS Gradebook
In this module, you will learn about student progress monitoring tools, grading tools, and the CodeHS gradebook.
Curricular Resources & Teacher Tools
In this module, you will learn about several CodeHS teacher tools and resources, including curricular resources, access controls, and communication & feedback tools.
How CodeHS Works - Course Wrap-Up!
The Course Wrap-Up module includes an end-of-course survey, a How CodeHS Works course completion badge, information about how to obtain a Certificate of Course Completion, and information about earning graduate credit.