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Game Design in Unity - Semester One

This first semester course teaches students the fundamentals of game design by using Unity's game engine. By the end of this course, students will understand the design planning process, be knowledgeable of industry related careers, and be able to navigate the Unity environment in order to create their own 3D games. This course will prepare students for the second semester course of Game Design in Unity. Note: student devices must be able to download and install the Unity platform (not compatible on Chromebooks).

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Course Overview

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Intro to Game Design
Students will be introduced to the course and learn the very basics of the game industry.
Exploring the Industry
Students learn about the game design industry, different roles involved in the creation of video games, and what it means to be a game developer.
Unity Fundamentals
Students learn the fundamentals of game design by sharpening their familiarity with the Unity game engine environment.
Legal and Ethical Consideration
Students explore legal and ethical issues in the field of game design.
Project: Your First Game
Students use the game design skills they've learned so far to begin planning and designing their first video game with Unity.

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Demo Programs

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Course Resources

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Game Design in Unity - Semester One is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Unity Certified User Artist View (38.5%)
ICT Gaming Essentials Objectives View (34.6%)

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